Final Reflection

The semester was fun but it was a lot of work. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to complete everything. I was overwhelmed by all the work but throughout the semester I was able to get everything done.

I completed 2 daily create ideas, 2 assignment ideas and 2 tutorials. They were really fun to make and I hope you enjoy them.

Overall, the class was hard for a 100 level class, however I did enjoy the things I did in this class. If I could go back, I would probably spend more time on assignments and work to finish things earlier than I had. I learned a lot about editing in different fields of digital technology and I found new ways to be creative. I hope to use this knowledge in future work and was happy I was able to be a part of this class.


Tutorial Links

Here are the links to the two tutorials I did.

I apologize. My link function on my blog doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

Navigating Audacity

Out of all of the editing we have been doing this semester, I feel the most comfortable with audio editing, so I wanted to explain some basic parts of Audacity for beginners.

The first thing that’s necessary in editing sound in Audacity is importing sounds to edit. Go to file and then to “Import” and you have the option to “Audio”. After you finish a sound, you can also choose to save it within Audacity. To do this, go under the same tab and find “save project as”. There is also an option to “Export” files after you are finished with your assignment.

When you want to alter sounds and add effects to them, go under the “Effects” and a list of effects will appear such as “Fade out” or Fade in” or “Speed”. It has most common effects for editing sounds.

Directly next to each sound is the panel that enables you to make minor effects to your sounds. The plus and minus lever allows you to make the sound louder or quieter. The one below allows you to move a sound to the left or right side of headphones. If you press on the down arrow at the top of the sound, you will be able to remove the sound, duplicate it and move it up and down Audacity so that you can be able to see it with other sounds.
Two of what I think to be important tools appear here. The “I” looking tool enables you to highlight parts of a sound. Afterwards, the sound part can be cut, copied etc. You can cut any part of the sound that you wish to. The double arrow tool enables you to move sounds across horizontally. You can move the sounds to the beginning, middle or end of your final sound. This makes it easier to mix sounds and create a solid flowing track.

Other important parts are the pause, play, stop etc. buttons. These do as they would normally be believed to do. When you want to hear the sound, you can use these to hear the sounds. However, you can’t edit a sound while you are playing a sound. Above the sounds, you have the timing of the sounds. It adds up all the sounds you import and creates a beginning and stopping point for however long you sounds are. You can cut sounds to make the time smaller or add to make it larger. There is also and arrow with a line through you sounds that you must have reach the end of you sound to begin editing again. You can move it to any part of the sound to hear the part.
These are all basic things that are easy to learn but might be hard if you have to learn for yourself. I hope this helped!

How to change the color of a photo

One of the first times I found my favorite image editor was the time I changed one of my noir safari photos to be orange and blue, so I wanted to show how to do it through that same image editor. Those who have followed my blog probably already know what it is but the image editor I usually use is called which is a website for image editing and I like it because it is really easy to navigate.


First the photo needs to be uploaded which can be done when you go to the website. If you wish to upload additional photos then go to the top left hand corner and press the “load another photo” For this tutorial, I will be using this noir cat photo.


Here I want to produce a duo tone, two color effect. I went to the effects tab and there are multiple effects to choose from but this one allows for editing the photo to be two colors. The picture above shows what it would look like when you first press the effect button. The default choices are blue and tan so in order change them you must press the colored fields.


To change the colors, press the arrow in the bottom right corner of each color block. This gives you a bunch of color options to choose from. I wanted to change my cat to be blue and red. After you have chosen your colors, press the apply button and you have changed the colors of the photo.

Here is the final product. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

Assignment Ideas

I created two assignments for my ideas.

Terrible Crossover Fanfiction- There are some terrible fanfictions out there that make us question our lives and make us laugh out loud. Go to and generate yourself a terrible crossover fanfiction idea with fandoms you are familiar with. It can be as brief or as long as you choose just make is as bad as possible. Be creative and make it hilarious.
3 starts- I made it 3 stars because I thought it would be pretty easy to complete but might take a bit of creativity. It isn’t really hard or really easy so I put it in the middle.

Cinemagraph Dat! – Cinemagraphs have to be some of the coolest gif out there. Take a picture of anything and edit it so that there is one thing within the picture that is moving or take a video and edit it so that there is only one thing moving in the scene. Cinemagraphs are known for their subtle motion so make it as the movement as subtle as possible.
3 star- I made it 3 stars because cinemagraphs can be difficult but they are easier than some of the other assignments we have done in class.

Overall, I wanted to create assignments that I thought were fun and cool uses of digital technology. I like reading fanfiction and the idea of creating a terrible one is a fun concept. I have always enjoyed cinemagraphs for their subtle movement so it would be interesting to see people create their own.

Daily Create Ideas

For my daily create ideas, I wanted to do simple things that had to do with photography because those seemed to be my favorite types of daily creates.

Color Daily Create: There is so much color all around. Take a picture of something that you normally see every day that has many colors.

Food Collage Daily Create: If you had to choose five foods so eat for the rest of your life and you couldn’t eat anything else what foods would you choose? Create a collage of the five foods and post it on Flickr.

Final Update-I’m done

I’m done

I can’t believe this. So, you have to be wondering how it all turned out right? Why I hate everything in life? Did you know I can never win? I guess you wanna know what happened. Well, it started with the invitation number three.

Invitation 3

Invitation 2

It looked to be that Jack knew me. At this point, I was still furious at him for stealing my friends’ minds because at this point I still thought he was brainwashing them. He wasn’t, it was much worse. I got the last letter, number two, a couple days later and I was ecstatic. I could find out who Jack was, kill him and save my friends. But, something stuck out to me. This letter seemed to be more cheerful then the last one. It was brightly colored with a happy smiley face instead of a demonic one. I was confused. I decided the best way to find out what everything meant was to go to the house he had instructed me to. But, not without some weaponry. I had to be ready for anything and everything.
On the night of my meeting Jack, I walked up to the house. I was dark and the windows were blacked out. There was no way of seeing inside. The house was huge, almost mansion-like but still too small to be a mansion. The door had a sign that said welcome in big read letters so I let myself in. I walked into a dark hallway. I could here faint music in the background as I drew closer to what I thought was the main event. And then I heard it. Loud music was playing and a sign was right in front of what I know discovered was a ballroom. I recognized the song to be something from the 90s but why would a 90s song be playing in the late 1940s. It didn’t make any sense. People were awkwardly dancing all around and then I saw them. My team.


First, I saw Amelia and the others soon followed. I ran towards them and started asking questions. “What is this? What’s going on?” Amelia was the first to speak, “Jack’s parties. I’m sorry Lukas, it was all a test to see if you were a good detective and I have to say you failed majorly.” “What?”, I exclaimed angrily. Amelia continued, “Well, Aquia Maxius desired to test your strengths and weaknesses with a mental test. They put you against the rest of the group to find out who Jack was and they obviously found out first.” She signaled to Katherine, Mark, and Daniel that were looking at their feet in shame and George that was staring me straight in the face and laughing. He spoke, “You’re such an idiot, it took you longer than my old dog when he walks across a room.” I was angry and confused but less at Jack and more at everything that was happening and then it hit me. “Wait, then who is Jack?” “Oh, hey Lukas. Long time no see.” I heard a voice behind me and saw the one person I did not want to see today. He was Jack Williams and he was from my time. We were both from the 21st century. I remember his loud bubbly personality. He would never stop talking. While I was stealing and causing all sorts of trouble, he decided he would latch on to me and never let go. I would try to be stealthy and quiet but he would almost always get us both caught. I only ever got away from him when I came to where I am now. But no, they had to bring him here too. I couldn’t win. “Hello Lukas, you look so good. I can’t believe you actually came. You never did like parties. It’s amazing isn’t it? Aquia Maxius specifically choose me to come back in time and throw parties. They said that all these wonderful people would greatly enjoy future music and tonight is 90s night. Isn’t that great? And those letters, they specifically asked me to write them. They wanted me to be a scary as possible. It hurt me to frighten these amazing people but they assured me that if I were to spook them, their adrenaline would spike and they would all be prepared to have the party of a lifetime.” I started to look past him as he spoke. I didn’t want to be here. I failed a stupid ass test run by hell incarnate, my team and the crappiest man I know. I’m done. I went home and am currently locked in my room. I’m giving myself a couple of days and maybe I’ll go back to the office. Maybe.

Kassia’s Note: Right when I watched the video, I thought of Jack being a guy that threw awesome parties and just didn’t invite certain people in ds106. I thought of how Black and El Jota would go and the professors wouldn’t meet Jack so the first thing I thought of was that he was throwing and not inviting people. Basically the story involves Lukas trying to find out who Jack is and going through each and every invitation. He thinks that his friends are in danger when they have been trying to help with his case but they were able to crack it earlier than he was. Amelia later tells them what it was about and they have to not talk to Lukas because it would ruin the test. When I thought of writing for Jack, I thought of the character Chris from Parks and Recreation. He has to one of my favorite characters and I just thought of the scary notes and the party idea and thought that that type of character was perfect for my story. The only problem I had was with the audio. I put it up on soundcloud but it didn’t work so I uploaded it as a media file. It involves Lukas approaching the 90s party and hearing Chumawamba’s tubthumper because that
was the first song I thought of when I came up with the idea. I hope you enjoy the story and the final update.

Week 13 Summary

Kassia: So this week, I finished my agency project. I had Who is Jack? At the beginning, I already knew what I wanted to do with the project. I thought of my character looking at a bunch of different things and trying to find out who Jack is. I thought of my character going through and beginning to think that Jack as a horrible killer and I created notes from Jack to make Lukas think that Jack was a horrible killer.

In the end, Jack is just a guy that Aquia Maxius got to throw a party as a big test for Lukas. I wanted it to start of noir and detective like with Lukas thinking that everything is going downhill and to end hilariously. I first thought of the scene where Lukas comes up to the ballroom and hears the song below slowly fading in. You can find a audio of it on my agency website. I just thought the idea of hilarious

I tweeted two tweets from my characters perspective about the updates.

Here are the two updates from the agency site:
I’m angry
I’m done

Update 3- I’m angry

I can’t handle this anymore. I got a couple more notes and so did Daniel, Mark and Katherine.
I’ve reached number 4 recently. I haven’t seen my co-workers progress but I know that things are getting worse. They used to come to work normally and leave during the night but now they are leaving during the day for long hours. I ask about it but they don’t answer me. They brush it off. They make up shitty excuses. They were sick or they had been working a lot at home. But they don’t seem to be providing me with anything concerning our cases. I seems like I’m all alone. All I really have is Amelia now cause George has been driving us but will drive Daniel, Mark and Katherine because “it’s more important for the company.” I need to crack this case or else I’ll lose more and more until there is nothing left.

6th invitation

5th invitation

4th invitation

I have been getting notes but I don’t know what to take from them. It could be so many things. There was one that talked about the red liquid and another about the noises. Could it be murder? Is everyone being hypnotized into murdering anyone Jack doesn’t like? If that’s the case, I can’t have it happen. And he’s even taken Black and El Jota to do his dirty work. I had to find out more about this case and who Jack was. And then got the one thing that I didn’t want to ever experience with this case. Everyone was gone.
It was about 7 or 8 at night and I was about to take a trip to the office. Amelia usually stays at the office for a couple hours after everyone leaves. I never knew why, it might have to do with Aquia Maxius. The point is today, she wasn’t there. What was left if her place was a note. What it read was this:

“I have Amelia. I have taken George as well. I have taken all of your friends. You think you have power here, but you have none. Be aware that you will not succeed in finding me yourself. I supply the information you obtain. All the knowledge you have of me is knowledge I have allowed you to discover. You have absolutely no power.
I would like to inform you that I have been watching you on your case. You are doing very badly. All necessary clues have slipped from your grasp. You are very bad at your job.
You will receive notes 2 and 3 tomorrow. I, of course, am Number One. The notes will describe the location of the place you will meet me, the time and what objects you are required to bring. Please make it fun, I hate to be bored.
I have supplied my own entertainment that your friends have been enjoyed very much. I hope to see you soon. – Jack ”

I was angry. I was so angry. He thought that he could do this to me. I am a good detective. I can find my friends. I will find my friends. When I get that note tomorrow, I’m not gonna just find Jack. I will kill Jack right when I see him. Right when I see his face, Jack will be dead.

-Lukas Jones

Kassia’s Note:

Here is the post I wrote on my Aquia Maxius website. The notes are becoming different and they are changing for the final note. I will probably add a gif for the last update but I wanted to add a writing assignment type thing with the letter from Jack to Lukas. I have the ending set up already and I’m excited to see if people like it. I made everything in fotoflexer using a different shape and background to the notes as they progress to number 2 and number 1.

Weekly Summary 12: Finding Jack

This week I started one of the most interesting cases I have had so far. It’s even more important than the cats and their trees. I’m finding Jack. You see the ds106 group gave me a mission to find out who Jack is an I am making pretty good progress. I went to a bar and found some invitations. Seems that Jack could be doing something big. I’m afraid he could be brainwashing people or worse murder. I took the invitations out of the woman’s purse and now have them to keep for myself.

The worst part of all of this is that he is taking my people, but I won’t let him. I even sent out a warning tweet. I’m so proud of myself.

The hashtag I’m using for all Jack stuff is #findingajack because my character is on a mission to find Jack and discover who he is. All my tweets will also have the #noir106 hashtag and not the #ds106 tag.

I have been posting some progress updates on the Aquia Maxius website. It seems that none of my group is going to help me out. It’s
sad to say but I don’t think I can trust them. Things are becoming to strange. I feel like I’m losing them. I have to find Jack so things can start going back to normal. Well not normal, but less weird. At least when we were dealing with the cat case, everyone was almost in the right state of mind. All we had to deal with was murderous animals and a couple of humans. This is some nasty psych crap I wasn’t ready for. I have to know who Jack is.
He has started sending me invitations to whatever he is doing. I’ll keep up with everything and then I will find out who this man really is. I can’t say I’m prepared for anything but I’ve been getting myself ready for nasty things, psych things, murder and everything in between. If this gets serious, I’ll be ready.

Kassia’s Note: I was chosen to do the Jack case and immediately after I watched the video, I had an idea. I sort of started with the ending and worked my way backward. You guys get to see the beginning and I promise that things will get better. I’ll give a hint that things don’t really end on a serious note and more on a hilarious note.

I have two updates on the Aquia Maxius website that I embedded above. At first, I wasn’t aware that I was going to be given an assignment, pretty much because I wasn’t paying much attention. I posted an update about cat in trees. This was going off of one of my posts last week. After I found out about Jack, I wanted to keep the previous update to show people what went on behind the scenes or the other stuff that the agency would deal with.

I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to comment on posts or do daily creates because it didn’t say it in the weekly assignment link. I did one daily create about drawing you interpretation of a famous drawing.

For my final project assignments, I will probably be doing mostly visual and design stuff with the invitations. There will be about nine in total throughout the weeks. I’m going to do another sound assignment for the last update and probably another web assignment. I’m positive I’m doing more design and sound but might change my mind about other types of assignments as I go more into the project.

I created a twitter page for Aquia Maxuis under the handle @aquiamaxius. I posted a couple of tweets using the different character personalities. Overall, I will probably be posting most final project stuff on the Lukas Jones twitter and putting links on the Aquia Maxius twitter.

I have some ideas for creating assignments and will post them in the next couple of days. I just have to narrow down my ideas to just the good ones. Look out for more updates and invitation posts. I hope you like the final update.