Daily Create- Paper Swing

For this daily create we were asked to create a sculpture out of paper. I decided that I would make two people together underneath a passageway, but in the middle of the video it turned into a swing set. I used blue paper from one of my notebooks and lots of tape. At the end, creating a tiny human was harder than I thought it would be so I just drew a tiny person on a piece of paper. The tiny piece of paper was better because it was lighter and would actually stay on the swing set.

Here is the video of my creation


Here is the final product.


I’m not a person to photograph a lot of things. I usually take photos of random and interesting things I see when I’m walking around. I rarely take photos of myself. I’ve probably taken four selfies in my lifetime. When I take photos, I usually like to focus on one particular things like something I find or a nice scenery. When it comes to capturing feelings and meanings in my photos, I tend to take pictures of some sort of calming scene. My twitter and Facebook pages both have the cover photo as the photo below.
I believe that photos can have elements of meaning embedded in them from the people that view them. I don’t really take photos for someone else to find meaning in them, but I usually take photos that have feelings and meaning for me or my friends. I like to capture moments that I can look back on and be happy about.

The readings on photography were very interesting. The Migrant Mother piece outlined how photos can convey emotions to the person that sees it and the person that took it. I liked how Dorothea Lange was determined to take photos even though the content was a bit jarring. She wanted to show certain scenes that weren’t usually seen. It shows how important it is to take photos of things you like but also to use photos to show what people don’t usually see. Justin Marrow’s piece on the rules of film noir and how to light it gave me a better perspective on noir filming and helped me in taking my noir safari pictures. Overall, the material that stood out the most to me was Jason Eskenazi’s video on Visual Storytelling. He says that “visual literacy is something that we are born with.” He talks about kids being able to decipher his photos but some of the older people he meets aren’t able to. My favorite quote that he says is “so much is what you leave out.” He means that photographs are meant to be interpreted and part of the fun of photos is having elements of mystery that compels people to think. I liked looking through the readings, but the video was the most influential to me.

Week Two- Schedule

This week I learned that I should probably make some sort of schedule for this class. I had a lot of work in my other classes so the mix of that and general tiredness meant that I ended up procrastinating on some of the work. I was able to finish some of the daily creates during the week. I first did the daily create on Wednesday that involved creating a picture with a cat and a synthesizer in space.


It took me a while to make. I used an online photo editor. I took a photo of space, two kittens and a synthesizer. I uploaded them into the editor and had to cut out some parts of the picture of the cats and synthesizer. I couldn’t get all the white spots out of the pictures so the editing is a bit sloppy.

The second daily create I did was the eye selfie on Saturday.


I took my glasses off and opened my eyes up wide because otherwise they appear really tiny in the pictures I took.

The third daily create I did was a the collage of a day in college. Usually I will eat brunch or lunch with my friends, then I will work on homework and go to my classes. Around 6 or 7 I usually eat dinner and then proceed to either do more homework or watch a tv show. One of my favorite tv shows is called Buffy: The Vampire Slayer


Since I cloned the WordPress blog of my previous site, I had a lot of left over stuff from the website. I changed the theme to something different and changed the coloring to light blue which I might change to maroon later but I’m not sure yet. I changed the name of my blog from “Kassia’s Digital Storytelling blog” to “The Time is Now … or maybe later” because I thought that the first title was too much like “My ds106 Blog”. I installed all the necessary plugins and that had to be the easiest thing I did all week, understandably.

One of our assignments this week was to read some noir.

The read The Postman Always Rings Twice first. I thought the ending was very sad but I wasn’t really invested in the character’s story-lines.

I read The Killers by Ernest Hemingway second. I found it interesting how the story didn’t really have much description and a lot of dialogue.

My favorite out of the three I read was called The Shadow which was from the death triangle. I was invested in the story and for the whole time I thought that Corvet was going to be the Shadow and when he ended up not being the Shadow, I thought that it would be a perfect plot for an alternative ending.

We were supposed to write character dossiers and mine was a bit weird. I wanted to do something different but still have it be noir. I thought it would be fun to create a character that lived in modern day and bring him to the past. I think that I should probably work a bit more on the noir in my story and with my character, but overall Lukas Jones will be fun to write.

I did the random newspaper article title assignment called The Struggle of a Food Detective. I picked a bunch of article from online newspapers.

We had to complete writing assignments that totaled to 8 stars. I first picked the Once Upon a Time word generator assignment using an animal. I started on Tuesday with the assignment and just kept adding to it from there. It kept on getting weirder and weirder and turned into this.

I really wanted to talk about the origin of my name it is one of my favorite stories to tell. When I found out one of the assignments was centered around that I jumped on the opportunity.

Like I said before, I did The Shadow alternative ending assignment because I thought that the Shadow was Corvet for almost all of the story.

The last assignment was sort of a last minute decision. I was thinking of having my character teach as class, but I thought it would be better to involve other characters in his life. I wanted to add other elements of noir and explore some of the tropes, so I added characters that I could use for the tropes. I choose to do the Seven Character Story Treatment because it was the perfect way to add to the world I wanted to create.

Overall, this week was hard. I’m not a very good creative writer and I have to work on the way I word things. I also need to work on making my character more noir. Hopefully this will become easier as time goes on.

During the week, I had a lot of trouble with other homework and procrastination, so I will probably start a making a list of things I have to do each week and post it on my wall. I can usually get work done better when I make and list and can cross stuff out. My goal for next week is to start earlier, complete more daily creates and finish most of my work in the middle of the week instead of doing some during the week and the most of it at the end.

Assignments Overall

About Page
Daily Create- Kitties
Daily Create- Eye Selfie!

Lukas Jones: Character Dossier
The Struggle of a Food Detective
The Pug and the Horse
What’s in a Name?
The Shadow- Alternative Ending
Strangers- Seven Member Team


This is the Seven-Character Story Treatment that is three points. It took me awhile to find a prompt I could use for writing about the character I created so I thought that it would be fun to include other characters that he interacts with.

They have never met until now. One night when a young man appears in front of his taxi, George Smith gets a new customer. Amelia Williams is given an idiot to take care of. Mark and Katherine Jones are recruited to on a secret mission that they haven’t been told anything about but the mission will give them limitless income. Enrique Rivera is taken from the streets to aid in the secret mission on account that his younger sister’s death will be avenged. Mariam Flowers sings at the local bar and constantly sees a six people running around with mild confusion. She sets out to find out what their secrets are. Eric Mills used to be a cop until his daughter died. Now he keeps on getting cryptic message from an unknown source. What happens when a group of strangers are told to help a mystery boy on a mediocre mission.

This isn’t the best description but I wanted to add more characters to the story so here it is.

The Shadow- Alternative Ending

Here is the Alternative Ending prompt that is three points. I was reading through The Shadow and I kept thinking that the Shadow character would reveal himself to be Corvet.So, here is the story if The Shadow was revealed to be Corvet.

Evans: You mean you won’t use your powers to save us from him?

The Shadow: No, I’ll use my powers to kill you all!!!

Evans: What?

The Shadow: You ratted me out and now I have found you to kill you!

The Shadow suddenly appears from the shadows. He was Corvet all along! Evans gasps.

Dubrille and Martin come to see what the commotion is and suddenly shots are heard and they drop to the floor covered in their own blood. As Corvet is distracted, Evans runs into a room and hides in the closet. Corvet walks towards the bodies to make sure that they are dead and notices that Evans is gone. He goes on a search

Corvet: Evans. I know your hiding from me. Don’t you wanna come out and say hi to an old friend.

Evans shivers with fear in the closet. The closet door opens, Evans looks up.

Corvet: Found you. (BANG!)

Evans lays dead in the closet. A few weeks later bodies are found and The Shadow lives to roam the streets as a free man.

What’s in a Name?

This is the “What’s in a Name?” writing assignment that is two points. My given name is a part of the url for this blog. My name is Kassia Rivera. My last name is sort of self explanatory. I’m half-Hispanic (specifically Puerto Rican) on my dad’s side so, I have a Hispanic last name. My first name is a bit more interesting. My name isn’t very common in the United States. It’s origin is Hebrew and it means Pure. It’s more common in places like Poland and the UK. The reason my first name is a name that is very rare is because my mom likes to read. She was reading a mystery series and she admired the name and decided that I would have that name. Another interesting thing is that I don’t pronounce my name like it should be pronounced because my mom never looked up the formal pronunciation and just went with what she thought it was supposed to pronounced as. So, it should be pronounced like kah-SEE-ah but I say KASS-ee-ah instead. I’ve never met someone with the same name as me in America, and I would be really surprised if I did.

The Pug and the Horse

This is the “Once Upon a Time…..The End” prompt that was three points. The words I got were liquid, sadness, autopsy, hoofs, federation, finger, forest, hospital, crossfire and periodic.

One night, a fawn pug had gotten out of the his master’s house and my now roaming the dark forest. He was sniffing a large tree when suddenly a federation of hoofs stormed into the forest. The pug looked up and saw a large amount of white horses covered in metal armor. He heard loud growling and looked to his left. Their was a mass of bears with wooden weaponry. They came charging towards the horses. The pug was caught in the crossfire and trampled. As the battle ended, the animals left the dark forest.

The pug lay unconscious on the forest floor all alone. The master, hearing the loud noises came rushing outside to see his pet on the ground injured. His eyes began to drip liquid sadness and he rushed his pet to the animal hospital. In the rush to get the pug treated for his injures, his paper’s were switched with an animal getting an autopsy.

The pug lay on the operation table about to be cut open when a large white armored burst through the window. Startling the doctors, the horse grabbed the pug off of the operation table and waved his finger in the air. The horse felt great grief once he had found out his federation had injured a neutral animal during their battle. He felt it was his duty to use his powers to go back in time and save the pug’s life. He placed the pug away from the battle and his life was saved. Now, periodically the horse and his federation come and visit the pug.

Note: I didn’t really know what to do with the words I had so the story just got weirder and weirder as I wrote it. I started the story on Tuesday and during the week I ended up adding a lot of random stuff to it. I hope you enjoy!