Week 6 Summary: More Audio!!!!

This week was way less stressful than last week. Out of everything we have done so far, the audio has to be the easiest for me. I’ve gotten used to working with Audacity and am learning new things as I go. Having a week of audio before was really helpful in some of the stuff I did this week.

First, we were told to do three daily creates. I completed them for Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Daily Create- Sun Stain
Daily Create- Childhood Memory Daily Create- Before and After

We were supposed to do more audio assignments this week. I chose a lot of the assignments I did in the first audio week. This time I took the same prompt and made different content. I tried to do very different things, but a couple times I used the same audio I found on freesound.org.
I did the Emotions through Sound assignment first. It was the easiest to do and I finished it pretty fast. I was very proud of myself.

I did two assignments for my character, Lukas Jones. Both have to do with his firsts. One is his first chase and the other is his first case. The first case assignment was the hardest to deal with because one of the free sounds had a copyrighted track and I didn’t want to waste time on waiting for them to respond, so I went straight into making a new one. I used the same track and took the parts that didn’t involve the song. If I later get a copyright message, I will probably go back and edit in a different sound then edit my post.

Lukas’s First Chase as a Detective Lukas’s First Case

I did the familiar sounds assignment. I recorded the sound of my fan running instead of my dog snoring. My fan running is another sound I hear at night. It’s funny because my fan is the thing that we use to drown out his loud noises, so I wanted to add it this week.

Familiar Sound- Fan

At the beginning of this week, I worried a lot about getting into a group. I found my group members on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it was really fun to talk about ideas when we met on Saturday.

Radio Show Progress

I also did a radio bumper for the show.

The other things I did this week were the tweet- along and commenting.
The radio show was really entertaining and everyone’s content was awesome. Both things were really fun to look at and listen to this week.

Overall, this week had to be the most fun out of all the weeks so far. My groups seems to be going well and the audio assignments are more my forte then anything else I’ve done. It will be really fun to complete everything next week and see the show come together. I also hope that my second assignment for the Spooky Sounds isn’t taken down for copyright. Let us all hope :)

Note: I probably won’t have a list of content at the bottom any more. It gets to be a lot of work at the end, and it’s easier to embed all my content within the post above and add things while writing backgrounds about them. I might have a list of content if there are somethings I miss or don’t write backgrounds about.


This week we were asked to comment on at least ten posts. I found some posts to comment on. I really like everyone’s content. It was all well done and it was informative to look at others’ content to improve my own. Here is a list of posts I commented on.

http://www.phoenixtakesflight.com/marcus-jacksons-retribution/feel-the-pain-sorrow-elation-and-the-tranquility/ http://brendalevoy.com/my-1940s-character/commercial/ http://delovelyames.com/ds106_assignmentbank/delovely-lyrics-and-the-story-of-zachs-life/
http://trysoccer29.com/writing-assignments/i-donut/#comment-193 http://janellegelino.com/assignments/audio-assignment-music-tag-2pts-sebastian-crane-modern-music-tag/ http://www.thejota.com/ds106/jota-is/#comment-14165
http://www.lesyamel.com/ds106/bumper-to-bumper/ http://umwlaurenfalkens.com/assignments/ode-to-sarah-mustard/

Tweet Along

I did the tweet- along for this week on Tuesday. I think the show was called “Mildred” something. I don’t remember the exact name. The story was about a woman dealing with her daughter and her ex- husband while having a shop. It dealt with the lives of Americans and how things can become corrupt over time. The woman dealt with a lot of issues with her boyfriends, her ex-husband and her daughters actions. It was really interesting and got strange at times.
Some of my favorite tweets I tweeted are below.

Radio Bumper for Eagles in the Dark

Out of all the content I could produce, my favorite things to make are audio assignments. I like using my voice to spooky background audio. The first on I did for ds106 radio was a lot of fun so, I thought I would create a quick one for Eagles in the Dark. I used a sound from freesound.org and mixed it with audio of my voice. I wanted to introduce it without giving away things or adding something that might not fit later in our radio progress, so I just said welcome to the show.

Here is the audio.

Sounds Used:
Own Voice
Delayed Guitar Riff

Radio Progress- Eagles in the Dark

At the beginning of the week, I was really nervous about getting a group. I tweet a lot and by Tuesday, I found someone to create a pair with. We got more people and ended up in a group of six. We decided that we would be the Eagles in the Dark and that are concept would be America’s Most Wanted. Four of us met on Saturday and went through ideas for how we would execute this concept. We decided that we would use Lukas Jones’s time travel characteristic and change his story a bit. He would be in the future, looking at an old most wanted poster about a body that wasn’t found. He would then travel in time and solve the crime. He has a friend that is a hacker. This character is Nicolette. She would help when he tries to solve the crime. The radio show would involve a murder at the beginning and everyone’s characters interacting in an exciting noir story.

I had a lot of fun talking with my group members. We all came up with good ideas that bounced on one another. We recorded some of the audio to go back on and I’ll post that below. I’m really excited to work with this group because the concept is really interesting and it seems really fun. We are planning to met on Wednesday and another day to go through other parts of the show. So far, we have all of the story down, we just have to create it.

The audio from Amanda’s SoundCloud.

Lukas’s First Case

Here is the Spooky Sounds assignment that is 4 points. For this assignment, I wanted to do something with my character. I chose to make a scene for his first case. I decided to make a introduction to a case. In crime shows, they usually have an intro to the episode were they show how someone dies or how someone finds a body. I wanted to do something similar. In this scene, a woman is wandering around and finds shelter in a abandoned house. She walks in an is immediately met with a door that suddenly closes and ominous piano music. She goes more into the house and then finds an evil man ready to kill her. She runs but is ultimately found by him.

All of the sounds I used were from freesound.org. It took me awhile to complete the first time I did it. It took a longer time to find the sound than to mix them in Audacity. After I was finished I put the completed track on SoundCloud. Later that day, I got a message that my sound had a copyrighted track and they wouldn’t be able to put the track up unless I disputed the incident. I decided it would take longer to go through and fight the claim so I re-did it. Apparently, the problem was that some part of one of the free sounds I used had a bit of a song. I went back and took the parts of the song out and used the end part of the track. I hope that portion doesn’t have copyrighted content but I haven’t gotten a message yet. If I later get a message, I have a sound I could use instead but it’s not as good. For now, I’ll just go with what I have.

Sounds Used:
Walking in Gravel
Door Creek Open Close
Walking in Long Grass
Gerard-Adam Piano Detuned
Woman Scream
Heavy Breathing
Clown Laugh
Running Sounds

Lukas’s First Chase as a Dectective

Here is the Sound Effects Story assignment that is 3 1/2 points. I wanted to do the story for my character. I found sounds on freesound.org and edited them in Audacity. It was easy to mix the sound together. The major problem I had was finding sounds to use. There were a lot of different ones so it took me a while to pick the ones I thought suited the situation best. I used a running sound twice over the running sound but lighter.

The story involves Lukas chasing another character, who has committed a crime, through an abandoned alleyway. They are in a secluded location but as they run, they began to head towards the city. Lukas is shooting at the character and in the end the character runs in front of a car and is hit.

Sounds Used:
Running Sounds
Running on Stairs
Gun Shots
City Night Sounds
Gasp After a Run
AK47 Gun Shot
Car Breaking Skid


Here is my Emotions Through Sound assignment that is 3 points. For this assignment, it was actually really easy to complete. Last audio week I wanted to convey calm feelings in this assignments. This week I decided to convey suspenseful emotions. In this scene, a person is hiding in a closet from a murderer. The murderer finds him in the closet and the end is left to imagination. It was really fun to make and by far the easiest out of the assignments this week.

Sounds Used:
Door Opening
Scary Violin Sounds
Scary Looped Violins
Heavy Breathing
Man Screaming Loudly
I got the audio for walking from freesound.org but can’t seem to find the sound again.