Weekly Summary 12: Finding Jack

This week I started one of the most interesting cases I have had so far. It’s even more important than the cats and their trees. I’m finding Jack. You see the ds106 group gave me a mission to find out who Jack is an I am making pretty good progress. I went to a bar and found some invitations. Seems that Jack could be doing something big. I’m afraid he could be brainwashing people or worse murder. I took the invitations out of the woman’s purse and now have them to keep for myself.

The worst part of all of this is that he is taking my people, but I won’t let him. I even sent out a warning tweet. I’m so proud of myself.

The hashtag I’m using for all Jack stuff is #findingajack because my character is on a mission to find Jack and discover who he is. All my tweets will also have the #noir106 hashtag and not the #ds106 tag.

I have been posting some progress updates on the Aquia Maxius website. It seems that none of my group is going to help me out. It’s
sad to say but I don’t think I can trust them. Things are becoming to strange. I feel like I’m losing them. I have to find Jack so things can start going back to normal. Well not normal, but less weird. At least when we were dealing with the cat case, everyone was almost in the right state of mind. All we had to deal with was murderous animals and a couple of humans. This is some nasty psych crap I wasn’t ready for. I have to know who Jack is.
He has started sending me invitations to whatever he is doing. I’ll keep up with everything and then I will find out who this man really is. I can’t say I’m prepared for anything but I’ve been getting myself ready for nasty things, psych things, murder and everything in between. If this gets serious, I’ll be ready.

Kassia’s Note: I was chosen to do the Jack case and immediately after I watched the video, I had an idea. I sort of started with the ending and worked my way backward. You guys get to see the beginning and I promise that things will get better. I’ll give a hint that things don’t really end on a serious note and more on a hilarious note.

I have two updates on the Aquia Maxius website that I embedded above. At first, I wasn’t aware that I was going to be given an assignment, pretty much because I wasn’t paying much attention. I posted an update about cat in trees. This was going off of one of my posts last week. After I found out about Jack, I wanted to keep the previous update to show people what went on behind the scenes or the other stuff that the agency would deal with.

I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to comment on posts or do daily creates because it didn’t say it in the weekly assignment link. I did one daily create about drawing you interpretation of a famous drawing.

For my final project assignments, I will probably be doing mostly visual and design stuff with the invitations. There will be about nine in total throughout the weeks. I’m going to do another sound assignment for the last update and probably another web assignment. I’m positive I’m doing more design and sound but might change my mind about other types of assignments as I go more into the project.

I created a twitter page for Aquia Maxuis under the handle @aquiamaxius. I posted a couple of tweets using the different character personalities. Overall, I will probably be posting most final project stuff on the Lukas Jones twitter and putting links on the Aquia Maxius twitter.

I have some ideas for creating assignments and will post them in the next couple of days. I just have to narrow down my ideas to just the good ones. Look out for more updates and invitation posts. I hope you like the final update.

Making Progress- Update 2

If I could tell you one thing, it would be that I seem to be a magnet for weird people and weird things. Mutant cats find me and demand to be pet. I get taken away from a perfectly nice life to do a bunch of strange jobs for I group that
talks through notes and hooded sweatshirts. And now I was going to possibly be searching for a man that could lead me to my own death or worse, I could be brainwashed. Well, I guess you want to know what happened, don’t you.

People have been going missing. Some wouldn’t come back at all and others would come back, but when you asked them about what they had done, they tell you they don’t remember anything. They remember being somewhere before they went away and then nothing. Others wouldn’t even answer the question. We would ask if someone what they were doing at a certain time and they would respond by just walking away. Things were getting weird and I had to know what was going on or I was going to go insane. Then they started talking my people.

First, they got to Daniel. He was perfectly fine one day. Well, if you call always looking guilty and never speaking fine but that just seems to be his character. That day, he was being scarily quiet. He usually would smile or make tiny grunting noises when our group would have meetings but that day there were no small smiles or tiny grunts. There was silence. And whenever, we would ask him what was wrong he would walk away. Next, It was Katherine and Mark. They said they needed to do something on Saturday night. We didn’t ask much but the weird thing was that Daniel had asked to come with them. He said he needed a ride. Those had to be the first words he had uttered in almost a month. And the only words he usually says are to Amelia in tiny whispers. I didn’t want to be suspicious of my coworkers but I couldn’t help it. Things were getting weird and I needed to know what was going on.

I decided to search through their desks. I know it’s an invasion of privacy but it’s not like it’s not for something important. If my coworkers were being brainwashed or on their way to being brutally murdered, I needed to find out why. I searched the desks and found something I didn’t expect. Invitations from Jack. These ones confirmed my suspicion that they were in some way counting down. I saw numbers 8 and 7 in Mark’s desk and 9 and 10 in Katherine’s. Daniel’s desk had nothing but a pencil and a tiny box. Nothing too surprising. The notes had the same creepy smiley face and the same signature as the ones I saw in the screaming woman’s bag. This time the notes seemed to warn of telling no one about what was going on. Did that mean my friends were aware of what was going on? Were they being brainwashed? I put the notes back but not after writing down everything that they had said.

Everything went back to normal for a bit. Well, as normal as it could get. My coworkers were still being strangely secretive and whenever I would get to close to their desks, they would become very nervous. I had to find a way to keep track of the notes they were getting. I was positive that it would lead me to Jack. I waited for one of them to get another note. I would check their desk drawers every night when they were away, in hopes of finding something new but there was nothing. Until one day.

Third Clue

Fourth Clue

I was sitting on my desk writing up a couple past cases and Mark walked in holding mail. “Got a package, man”, I said. He replied, “Oh, it’s nothing for me. It seems to be something for you.” He handed me the package. It was a white envelope. By the looks of it, it couldn’t be holding anything more than a small piece of paper. I opened up the envelope and saw the first invitation. Number 10 was in my hands and so was my ticket to finding out who this Jack really was.
I was ready.

Who is this Jack?: Update 1

After much consideration, my group has decided to stop all other projects to find work with ds106 in finding out who is Jack character really is. We have made great progress.

I wasn’t sure how to approach this project at first. Jack seems to be a character that is hard to find so I thought that if we could get anywhere, we couldn’t find him. He would have to find us. This meant that we would be spending a lot of time at the bar. In the streets, talking to people. We would spread out and cover as much ground as we could and then maybe we would learn something. And we did.

I was in the bar one night alone. Sometimes it’s best to be alone. It clears the head. Also, don’t tell Amelia but there’s a table right behind this big plant. No one can see you if you stand there but you have a perfect view of the bands that play each night. I kinda spend a lot of time just watching this one singer. She’s usually there of Fridays and Saturdays and she’s so pretty. Anyways, I was in the bar on like a Saturday maybe. Some day, I was in the bar and the table. It was all normal until I heard to guys talking. They were whispering to each other. I decided to listen in on the conversation. “I heard Jack is here today”, said the first man. “Really?”, I second man seemed nervous. “Let’s get out of here”, the nervous man said, “I don’t like Jack.” The other man replied with, “I want to see him maybe he can get us…..” Just then I heard a loud scream. It seemed to be coming from a private room near the bathrooms. I ran to see where the noise was coming from. When I finally found where the sound might be coming from, I threw the door open and no one was there. All there was, was a large purse filled with notes. As I opened the bag, I saw that they were invitations. The background was almost blood red and one of the creepiest smiley faces I have ever seen was underneath the writing. Each had a different message and a different number in the left hand corner. At the end of each message, there was a signature. It was signed Jack.

First Clue

Second Clue

All I knew was that I would have to get my hands on more of these invitations before something went horribly wrong.