Update 3- I’m angry

I can’t handle this anymore. I got a couple more notes and so did Daniel, Mark and Katherine.
I’ve reached number 4 recently. I haven’t seen my co-workers progress but I know that things are getting worse. They used to come to work normally and leave during the night but now they are leaving during the day for long hours. I ask about it but they don’t answer me. They brush it off. They make up shitty excuses. They were sick or they had been working a lot at home. But they don’t seem to be providing me with anything concerning our cases. I seems like I’m all alone. All I really have is Amelia now cause George has been driving us but will drive Daniel, Mark and Katherine because “it’s more important for the company.” I need to crack this case or else I’ll lose more and more until there is nothing left.

6th invitation

5th invitation

4th invitation

I have been getting notes but I don’t know what to take from them. It could be so many things. There was one that talked about the red liquid and another about the noises. Could it be murder? Is everyone being hypnotized into murdering anyone Jack doesn’t like? If that’s the case, I can’t have it happen. And he’s even taken Black and El Jota to do his dirty work. I had to find out more about this case and who Jack was. And then got the one thing that I didn’t want to ever experience with this case. Everyone was gone.
It was about 7 or 8 at night and I was about to take a trip to the office. Amelia usually stays at the office for a couple hours after everyone leaves. I never knew why, it might have to do with Aquia Maxius. The point is today, she wasn’t there. What was left if her place was a note. What it read was this:

“I have Amelia. I have taken George as well. I have taken all of your friends. You think you have power here, but you have none. Be aware that you will not succeed in finding me yourself. I supply the information you obtain. All the knowledge you have of me is knowledge I have allowed you to discover. You have absolutely no power.
I would like to inform you that I have been watching you on your case. You are doing very badly. All necessary clues have slipped from your grasp. You are very bad at your job.
You will receive notes 2 and 3 tomorrow. I, of course, am Number One. The notes will describe the location of the place you will meet me, the time and what objects you are required to bring. Please make it fun, I hate to be bored.
I have supplied my own entertainment that your friends have been enjoyed very much. I hope to see you soon. – Jack ”

I was angry. I was so angry. He thought that he could do this to me. I am a good detective. I can find my friends. I will find my friends. When I get that note tomorrow, I’m not gonna just find Jack. I will kill Jack right when I see him. Right when I see his face, Jack will be dead.

-Lukas Jones

Kassia’s Note:

Here is the post I wrote on my Aquia Maxius website. The notes are becoming different and they are changing for the final note. I will probably add a gif for the last update but I wanted to add a writing assignment type thing with the letter from Jack to Lukas. I have the ending set up already and I’m excited to see if people like it. I made everything in fotoflexer using a different shape and background to the notes as they progress to number 2 and number 1.