Final Update-I’m done

I’m done

I can’t believe this. So, you have to be wondering how it all turned out right? Why I hate everything in life? Did you know I can never win? I guess you wanna know what happened. Well, it started with the invitation number three.

Invitation 3

Invitation 2

It looked to be that Jack knew me. At this point, I was still furious at him for stealing my friends’ minds because at this point I still thought he was brainwashing them. He wasn’t, it was much worse. I got the last letter, number two, a couple days later and I was ecstatic. I could find out who Jack was, kill him and save my friends. But, something stuck out to me. This letter seemed to be more cheerful then the last one. It was brightly colored with a happy smiley face instead of a demonic one. I was confused. I decided the best way to find out what everything meant was to go to the house he had instructed me to. But, not without some weaponry. I had to be ready for anything and everything.
On the night of my meeting Jack, I walked up to the house. I was dark and the windows were blacked out. There was no way of seeing inside. The house was huge, almost mansion-like but still too small to be a mansion. The door had a sign that said welcome in big read letters so I let myself in. I walked into a dark hallway. I could here faint music in the background as I drew closer to what I thought was the main event. And then I heard it. Loud music was playing and a sign was right in front of what I know discovered was a ballroom. I recognized the song to be something from the 90s but why would a 90s song be playing in the late 1940s. It didn’t make any sense. People were awkwardly dancing all around and then I saw them. My team.


First, I saw Amelia and the others soon followed. I ran towards them and started asking questions. “What is this? What’s going on?” Amelia was the first to speak, “Jack’s parties. I’m sorry Lukas, it was all a test to see if you were a good detective and I have to say you failed majorly.” “What?”, I exclaimed angrily. Amelia continued, “Well, Aquia Maxius desired to test your strengths and weaknesses with a mental test. They put you against the rest of the group to find out who Jack was and they obviously found out first.” She signaled to Katherine, Mark, and Daniel that were looking at their feet in shame and George that was staring me straight in the face and laughing. He spoke, “You’re such an idiot, it took you longer than my old dog when he walks across a room.” I was angry and confused but less at Jack and more at everything that was happening and then it hit me. “Wait, then who is Jack?” “Oh, hey Lukas. Long time no see.” I heard a voice behind me and saw the one person I did not want to see today. He was Jack Williams and he was from my time. We were both from the 21st century. I remember his loud bubbly personality. He would never stop talking. While I was stealing and causing all sorts of trouble, he decided he would latch on to me and never let go. I would try to be stealthy and quiet but he would almost always get us both caught. I only ever got away from him when I came to where I am now. But no, they had to bring him here too. I couldn’t win. “Hello Lukas, you look so good. I can’t believe you actually came. You never did like parties. It’s amazing isn’t it? Aquia Maxius specifically choose me to come back in time and throw parties. They said that all these wonderful people would greatly enjoy future music and tonight is 90s night. Isn’t that great? And those letters, they specifically asked me to write them. They wanted me to be a scary as possible. It hurt me to frighten these amazing people but they assured me that if I were to spook them, their adrenaline would spike and they would all be prepared to have the party of a lifetime.” I started to look past him as he spoke. I didn’t want to be here. I failed a stupid ass test run by hell incarnate, my team and the crappiest man I know. I’m done. I went home and am currently locked in my room. I’m giving myself a couple of days and maybe I’ll go back to the office. Maybe.

Kassia’s Note: Right when I watched the video, I thought of Jack being a guy that threw awesome parties and just didn’t invite certain people in ds106. I thought of how Black and El Jota would go and the professors wouldn’t meet Jack so the first thing I thought of was that he was throwing and not inviting people. Basically the story involves Lukas trying to find out who Jack is and going through each and every invitation. He thinks that his friends are in danger when they have been trying to help with his case but they were able to crack it earlier than he was. Amelia later tells them what it was about and they have to not talk to Lukas because it would ruin the test. When I thought of writing for Jack, I thought of the character Chris from Parks and Recreation. He has to one of my favorite characters and I just thought of the scary notes and the party idea and thought that that type of character was perfect for my story. The only problem I had was with the audio. I put it up on soundcloud but it didn’t work so I uploaded it as a media file. It involves Lukas approaching the 90s party and hearing Chumawamba’s tubthumper because that
was the first song I thought of when I came up with the idea. I hope you enjoy the story and the final update.

Who is this Jack?: Update 1

After much consideration, my group has decided to stop all other projects to find work with ds106 in finding out who is Jack character really is. We have made great progress.

I wasn’t sure how to approach this project at first. Jack seems to be a character that is hard to find so I thought that if we could get anywhere, we couldn’t find him. He would have to find us. This meant that we would be spending a lot of time at the bar. In the streets, talking to people. We would spread out and cover as much ground as we could and then maybe we would learn something. And we did.

I was in the bar one night alone. Sometimes it’s best to be alone. It clears the head. Also, don’t tell Amelia but there’s a table right behind this big plant. No one can see you if you stand there but you have a perfect view of the bands that play each night. I kinda spend a lot of time just watching this one singer. She’s usually there of Fridays and Saturdays and she’s so pretty. Anyways, I was in the bar on like a Saturday maybe. Some day, I was in the bar and the table. It was all normal until I heard to guys talking. They were whispering to each other. I decided to listen in on the conversation. “I heard Jack is here today”, said the first man. “Really?”, I second man seemed nervous. “Let’s get out of here”, the nervous man said, “I don’t like Jack.” The other man replied with, “I want to see him maybe he can get us…..” Just then I heard a loud scream. It seemed to be coming from a private room near the bathrooms. I ran to see where the noise was coming from. When I finally found where the sound might be coming from, I threw the door open and no one was there. All there was, was a large purse filled with notes. As I opened the bag, I saw that they were invitations. The background was almost blood red and one of the creepiest smiley faces I have ever seen was underneath the writing. Each had a different message and a different number in the left hand corner. At the end of each message, there was a signature. It was signed Jack.

First Clue

Second Clue

All I knew was that I would have to get my hands on more of these invitations before something went horribly wrong.

Was It All a Dream?

Butler: Yes, I was the one who did it. Everyone just look past me. No one ever cares. The Lawyer would just pass me by. He never cared. He only wanted my services and nothing more. So, yeah I killed your dear friends. And I don’t feel any remorse at all. They all deserved it.

Lukas shot out of his bed, covered in sweat. Why was he so angry? And why was he killing people he knew? He remembered the past couple weeks with him casing Mack but why did Mack appear in his dream? He saw Rex too. He remembered jailing Rex for murder a month ago. It seemed that every guest in his dream was someone he had met. Nicolette, he hadn’t seem her in a while. She must be angry he hadn’t paid her before he left 2015. Maybe the dream came from the book he had picked up that afternoon. It wouldn’t have caused that dream right? If anything it was an interesting dream. It might be because he’s been so bored for the past couple days. He really needed to find something to do.

I created this as a way to tie in the butler side of Lukas from my radio show with the future detective Lukas. I used a lot of sounds from that I had already used in previous assignments. The assignment was called Spooky Sounds and is 4 points. The first part is Lukas reading a book that entices his dream that can be found here.

Who Called? Lukas and Mack

This is the Who Called? assignments that is 4 points. I collaborated with Sharla and her character Mack. She has the first half of the conversation and I’m the second part. I did a previous assignment with her character, but this one is slightly different. In this one, Lukas isn’t trying to catch Mack but they are doing some underground work together. So, this assignment and the Four Icon one aren’t in the same universe.

Mack’s half of the conversation

Lukas’s half of the conversation


Time: 2015
Nicolette was done with Lukas’s shit. She needed the money and he was unresponsive. For the past two weeks, she had been calling him non-stop. See, she did a hacking job for him. He gave her the job and told her not to ask any questions. So, she followed his instructions but he and promised to pay her and she didn’t like being taken advantage of. So, she took matter into her own hands. She ran to his apartment and stomped up the stairs to his front door. His neighbors were blaring that god awful music again and it only increased her outrage. She banged on the door but there was not answer so she let out one heavy sigh and kicked the door down. To her surprise, the apartment was vacant. Everything was gone. All traces of someone living there had disappeared. She was sure he lived here, she was sure because she had done the job in this very place with him right next to her. She sighed again. She would have to find were he ran off to. She needed that money and she would do anything to get it.

This was the Emotions Through Sound assignment that was 3 points. The assignment was to use audio clips to convey an emotion. For this I used my radio show group mate’s character Nicolette. Nicolette is Cheyanne Mckinney‘s character and she describes her as a hacker. For our radio show rough draft (before it was a Clue based story), Nicolette was Lukas’s partner in the future, so I thought it would be cool if instead of being his partner in the future, she was an acquaintance that did a job for him. Since, he went back in time, he wasn’t able to pay for her job, or communicate with her at all. This is the result.

Lukas’s First Case

Here is the Spooky Sounds assignment that is 4 points. For this assignment, I wanted to do something with my character. I chose to make a scene for his first case. I decided to make a introduction to a case. In crime shows, they usually have an intro to the episode were they show how someone dies or how someone finds a body. I wanted to do something similar. In this scene, a woman is wandering around and finds shelter in a abandoned house. She walks in an is immediately met with a door that suddenly closes and ominous piano music. She goes more into the house and then finds an evil man ready to kill her. She runs but is ultimately found by him.

All of the sounds I used were from It took me awhile to complete the first time I did it. It took a longer time to find the sound than to mix them in Audacity. After I was finished I put the completed track on SoundCloud. Later that day, I got a message that my sound had a copyrighted track and they wouldn’t be able to put the track up unless I disputed the incident. I decided it would take longer to go through and fight the claim so I re-did it. Apparently, the problem was that some part of one of the free sounds I used had a bit of a song. I went back and took the parts of the song out and used the end part of the track. I hope that portion doesn’t have copyrighted content but I haven’t gotten a message yet. If I later get a message, I have a sound I could use instead but it’s not as good. For now, I’ll just go with what I have.

Sounds Used:
Walking in Gravel
Door Creek Open Close
Walking in Long Grass
Gerard-Adam Piano Detuned
Woman Scream
Heavy Breathing
Clown Laugh
Running Sounds

Lukas’s First Chase as a Dectective

Here is the Sound Effects Story assignment that is 3 1/2 points. I wanted to do the story for my character. I found sounds on and edited them in Audacity. It was easy to mix the sound together. The major problem I had was finding sounds to use. There were a lot of different ones so it took me a while to pick the ones I thought suited the situation best. I used a running sound twice over the running sound but lighter.

The story involves Lukas chasing another character, who has committed a crime, through an abandoned alleyway. They are in a secluded location but as they run, they began to head towards the city. Lukas is shooting at the character and in the end the character runs in front of a car and is hit.

Sounds Used:
Running Sounds
Running on Stairs
Gun Shots
City Night Sounds
Gasp After a Run
AK47 Gun Shot
Car Breaking Skid


Here is my Emotions Through Sound assignment that is 3 points. For this assignment, it was actually really easy to complete. Last audio week I wanted to convey calm feelings in this assignments. This week I decided to convey suspenseful emotions. In this scene, a person is hiding in a closet from a murderer. The murderer finds him in the closet and the end is left to imagination. It was really fun to make and by far the easiest out of the assignments this week.

Sounds Used:
Door Opening
Scary Violin Sounds
Scary Looped Violins
Heavy Breathing
Man Screaming Loudly
I got the audio for walking from but can’t seem to find the sound again.

Otis Snoring- Familiar Sounds

This is the Familiar Sounds assignment that is two points. When we were asked to record something that people don’t usually hear on a daily basis but is familiar to us, I though of my dog. I own a pug and they are known for having problems breathing because of their squished faces. Pugs snore very loudly. I live in an apartment so his snoring can be so loud at times that we have to turn on a fan to drown out the noise. Here his snore is a little muffled because he is in a corner of the apartment. I hope you enjoy!