In the Dark- Video Show

My group decided to do the video show for our project for the past two weeks. The first week I did a trailer and we created the script. This week was the filming of the show. The show was really fun to do with some of my radio show group. We started out with a few different concepts but ultimately decided on a concept opposite to the Charlie’s Angels. We called it the Dexter’s Devils. We have three girls and one guys in the groups so we thought it would be cool to have a detective try to get three girls that were committing crimes in his town. The show was a lot of fun and I got to explore my character as a girl and a person that committed a lot of crimes.
We had a couple problems with filming. We did most of it on Friday and Saturday. We film in different places around downtown Fredericksburg for multiple scenes including my death scene. We also filmed around the school. We wore all black and made the video black and white for noir themes. My character was Lukas Jones but for the show we changed it to Lucy Jones. We had some issues getting the video up on Sunday night because of uploading lengths but we were eventually able to get the video up. I was an actor and I did some voice overs for the show. Patrick did a lot of editing for the show and I edited for the jewelry store scene.

Overall, the project got hard at times because of the problems we had with meeting with each other. However, it was
exciting to try acting. I haven’t acted a lot before. If I do, it is usually in audio posts. It as fun working with the group for the last time and I hope they do awesome on a final project if they choose to work together again.

Lukas Jones Interview

I’m glad I could get this out. I’m sorry about the space. I did what I could with the stuff I had. Aquia Maxius sort of killed the mood. I’m sorry I was so angry. It’s just they have been ruining everything. Overall, I give your interview a 10 out of 10. I enjoyed your questions and would do this again.

Kassia Note:
I liked creating this. I had a few problems in that my character is a guy and I’m a girl. I thought it would be interesting if I turned off all the lights in my bathroom and used my red gummy bear lamp as lighting. I covered most of my face with my hoody and turned the camera on. I got the camera from the ITCC. It was really easy to record with it. I had written down all the questions and wanted to present it in a way my character would do it. Because of this, I thought it would be interesting if he had seen the questions and didn’t have time to respond. So, he wrote them down and responded later. I mixed the interview questions with my character reading the questions he had chosen. I edited everything together using Windows Live Movie Maker. I hope you enjoy

Video Show Progress

4 out of the 6 people in my radio show group including myself decided we wanted to create some sort of video show. We had all sorts of ideas lined up but at the end we found one. We had a lot of interaction on twitter and Google Docs to go over our ideas and meeting times.

We have three girls and one guy in our groups so we thought that this was similar to Charlie’s Angels. We decided to put a spin on the idea. Instead of the characters solving crimes, we would have them doing the crimes. The characters would be the opposite of the Charlie’s Angels. The one guy in our group would be the detective on a mission to capture us and put us in jail. The whole short film would be us causing trouble in the city while the detective tries to find us and take us away or even kill us. Me and another girl in my group both have guy characters. Her character is more on the evil/ thug side but mine is more of an antihero. We decided we would slightly change our characters from girl to guy but still try to keep the personalities the same. We have the script written out and have meeting times set up. One of the scenes involves a bar so we have gotten permission to film in a bar downtown. We have everything mostly set up, we just have to get to filming it. It is going to be very fun and I’m excited.

The trailer I did for the video is surrounding my character’s back story and how she got into crime. I used clips from a few different movie trailers and videos I found on YouTube. I then added a voice over with my own voice.

YouTube Videos Used:

Barely Lethal Trailer
Charlie’s Angels Trailer
New York City Blues Panoramic

Notorious: Video Essay

For the video essay assignment, I decided to watch the movie Notorious by Alfred Hitchcock. For my video essay, I focused on the scene when Grant tells Bergman about the about his plan to have her seduce one of her past acquaintances. I read through Roger Ebert’s How to read a movie. I concentrated my essay on his talk of movement and the meaning behind left/ right, background/ foreground and top/ bottom. I enjoyed reading his article because I had never thought of the placement of characters on the screen having a meaning. It made sense for foreground/ background and top/ bottom but left/ right was a new concept that I hadn’t heard of before. I also looked at a few other videos about cinematic techniques.

First, I looked at the three parts of the Top 20 Cinematic Techniques video series on YouTube. I didn’t know about many of these techniques. I knew about panning, slow motion, and special effects but I had never heard of some of the other names that certain techniques were called. For example, I didn’t know that panning upward was called crane- up. The videos were very informative and I enjoyed seeing the different cinematic techniques of movies I have seen. The second video I saw was called Camera Angles and Techniques. I liked this one because it showed different ways that my group can later approach our video show. It will be a good reference guide when we start shooting for the show. The third and final video I saw was called Star Wars continuity mistakes. I wanted to watch this video because I have always had an interest in Star Wars and I’ve always been interested in the mistakes that people make during shooting. I usually find a lot of mistake videos with animated film and shows rather than live action film so it was cool to see what mistakes big budget films make.

Video Essay
I used the Firefox video downloader to get my video. I have a sound recorder on my computer that I recorded my essay with. I found different points where my audio would fit best and mixed it in with the scene I chose. I was originally very hesitant to finish this assignment because I’m not confident about video making. I found Windows Live Movie Maker on my computer and it ended up being easier than I thought.

Here’s the video.