Hidden Story

Here is the web assignment called Hidden Story that is 2 points.

Sometimes I think Danny is angrier than me. He seems to have some hidden turmoils. He never talks about them. I haven’t had time to talk to him just him and me. He always follows Amelia. I think they may have had a thing in the past. I’ll have to ask her. Maybe Mark or Katherine knows something.

I can’t do this anymore. Everything is broken. It’s burning and I can’t breathe. They messed something up. I was perfectly fine and then one day it all ended. I used to have to much control. One trip to the hospital can change everything. They broke something and I don’t think I can fix it. And now they want me to come back. They have a new group. They probably disposed of the other ones already. I know this sounds crazy. Why would I go back? I have a couple of reasons. If I come back, I might be able to reverse something. Maybe I can fix myself. But the main reason is her. I have to make sure she’s safe. I know she can defend herself. Sometimes better than me but you know when you just have that feeling that you have to be near this person. I might not be able to help her to my optimal physical extent but I can be there. I’ll be there. I’ll endure everything. And if I can fix myself that would just be a bonus. Wish me luck and do me a favor. Don’t listen to anything they say. They are lying. They don’t help, they hurt and take so much that there is nothing left. This might be deleted later, but I had to say it. Thanks for listening.

Kassia Note:
The hidden story can be found on my agency website. It is under the tab entitled Mission Statement. I wanted to expand on another character. It was fun to explore someone different. I didn’t know what I would do with Daniel but finding out what I would do with him helped clear some other holes I had in the story.

How it all began

Here is the web assignment called How it all began that is 3 points. I guess your wondering how we all met each other well I’m here to tell you.

You might have heard some things. They might be telling you somethings, but I’m here to tell you that all of them our false. They wanna make everything seems happy and fun. That’s definitely not true. I’m here to clear the air. I’ll start of with how we met.

So, I am originally from the 21st century. I was living a perfectly fine life and then I was suddenly moved from 2015 to 1947. Do you know who did it? This stupid group. They wanted to make me a detective. For some reason, I was the only option. I met George Smith first. I didn’t know it at first but he was the taxi driver that almost run me over. It happened when Aquia Maxius sent me back in time.

I guess they didn’t think about the location of my landing. Or maybe they did. Anyways, I asked him about it and he said I was his first supernatural experience. He would see many more after me. The second person I met was Amelia Williams. After I was almost run over by George (nothing personal dude), I ended up at a bar on the other side of town. Amelia was sitting at a table a couple feet away from me. They first words she ever said to me were, “I’m glad to finally meet you, Lukas.” I was confused. She explained everything. They wanted us here to fulfill some sort of link of fated events. They would do anything to have the right things happen. Amelia had been roped into it because of personal reasons. She wouldn’t tell me anything more.

We went to the what she called the “main office”. I don’t think they have any
other offices. Two people were waiting for us. They were whispering with fast words of nervousness. Amelia introduced them as Mark and Katherine Jones. They seemed so smart. I felt better with them around. I officially met George when he appeared with the taxi. Amelia had called a taxi because we were going to meet another of the members. And of course, George was the taxi driver. Amelia smiled when she saw that George was our driver and handed him a business card. I decided not to ask any questions.

Finally we met Daniel Rivera. Daniel seemed angry, like he new what was going on. What stood out to me was the fact that his hands were wrapped in bandaids. He was holding them like he was trying to hide something. He looked up at Amelia and immediately stood and ran. We ran after him and then the yelling started. “I can’t do this again,” he said. “You can’t make me.” Amelia screamed back, “You have to, we have to. Please do it for me.” She looked at him with pleading eyes. He continued to hold his arms tightly to his body. He looked like a big guy but he seemed to be scrunching his body to appear smaller than he was. The two moved behind a tree and exchanged angerly whispered for a while. Eventually, Daniel and Amelia came back to the taxi and we went to the office. I still don’t understand what is going on. I work hard to do what I can. I want to go back home. No one seems to like it here. They either came because they were coerced or forced. We aren’t happy to do this. We have to. Something is going to happen. We aren’t sure what it is. I’m writing this post as a warning. Don’t believe everything these people say. If you are supernatural, please run. I think they are out to kill. And you know what’s worse, they don’t even have cookies.

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