Dinner Party at Six: Final Reflection

My group’s radio show was played on Thursday this week. Me and two or three of my members were active on twitter during the show so we saw a lot of thoughts about it. I was a part of the Skype call with the Professors and I was nervous at first. I don’t do the best with talking to people up front for the first time but I think I did okay.
It was really awkward for me to listen to our radio show. I can understand when some actors say they don’t like to watch the shows/ films they are in. I could listen to other parts of the show except for the ones I was in.

Looking at the other students’ criticisms, they were very similar to the after thoughts I had when I was listening to it again. A lot of people said we did good on our background sound effects. We worked really hard to ensure that we had good sound effects for almost every moment in the show. There were a lot of sound effects link circulating on our Google doc. I remember one person tweeting about the breaks in our voices. He/ She said that our voices sounded like we were all in separate rooms. This wasn’t untrue as many of us were it different places because of work or Spring Break. There were only about three or four of us that were able to record all at the same time with the same recording device. If I could go back and re-due the radio show, I would rerecord our lines all on the same recording device. And I would maybe go back and try to mix the voice more to eliminate some of the breaks in the voices. Also, many people said that they were confused by some of the plot and the characters of the show. We would probably need to add more lines where we say peoples names. We did it sometimes but not enough for people to understand the radio show completely. And then maybe reread the lines and fix anything that didn’t make sense. Despite the things I think we could do differently, I think we did a good job with the limitations we had.

The show was really fun to make. We had a lot of member that were very creative in their ideas. Everyone was able to add something to the show whether it be good acting, audio editing or awesome ideas. They were also funny and easy to work with. The best thing about the project for me was making sound effects and working with the group. My favorite assignments in this class our audio assignments so it was fun to create murder scenes and add sound effects to the show. And like I’ve said before, the groups was fun and easy to bounce ideas off of to create an awesome show. The hardest thing about the show would be the fact that we were in all different places trying to finish the show. It was hard to give our sounds to everyone and mix them together but we managed to do it the best we could.

Advice to other students would be to start the week going over every possible time everyone can work together. It’s best to get things done as quick as early as possible to make the creative process easier for everyone. Finding out when everyone can meet is a good way to ensure that everyone is together at the same time.

Overall, the radio show was really fun to make and liked my groups a lot. We had some problems that we would have fixed if we had more time but we managed to do the best we could with what we had. I’m happy to work with some of this group again for the video show.

NOIR not the father

On Thursday, I listened to the NOIR not the father radio show. I liked it a lot. It was a Jerry Springer type of show with a noir mix to it. The students’ characters were fighting about who was the father of a child and one character was very adamant about taking as many tests as she could.

I really like the show. My favorite part was the theme at the beginning and the end of it. It reminded of the few times I watched Jerry Springer. The show was very descriptive in the way the explained what was going on and it felt like I was in the room as an audience member. The placement of the audience sounds in reaction to characters was a good addition to the show but at some points, I thought that the sounds would be better moved a little earlier or later. Some audience reaction sounds seemed a bit off from when the character said things. But, the audience sounds still made the show ten times better. The narration was awesome with the things that were going on and the plot was really creative and different. A critic I found was that some of the acting didn’t sound right with the line and others did really well at acting out a line.

Overall, the radio show was creative and fun with only a few mistakes or problems that I found.

A tweet from the tweet-along

Week 7- Dinner Party at 6 by Eagles in the Dark (A Summary)

Week 6
At the beginning of week 6, I had a hard time finding a group at the beginning of last week but I eventually found a group of about six members. We met on the Saturday of that week and came up with a America’s Most Wanted concept. We included our characters and it was going to be centered around someone committing a crime. There was a lot of plot to the story so my fellow members thought it was best to go a different route.
Here is tweet of all my members

Background: Week 7
We were able to meet on Wednesday, this week. Some of the other members found that it was easier to meet in the morning. I came to meet them later because of classes that I had. They showed me that they had changed the story. We were doing a Clue based story. Everyone would appear at the Lawyer’s house for a dinner party and scary deaths would issue. I was perfectly fine with this idea because although the other was fun, I felt that this was would be easier to execute. In this one, my character wouldn’t be the same as my dossier but he would be the butler to the mansion. It worked better to change my character a bit to fit the story. I had to record lines for the male character so I decided to make my voice lower. It didn’t work out the best so I decided to just make my voice more smooth. Even though my character is male, I felt that I was able to make his emotions come across. In the radio show, he is the mysterious person in the back that watches the characters and has his secrets.

How We Did It
Most of my members live in Fredericksburg and I live in Northern Virginia. We were going to meet on Saturday to get stuff done but I had to be off campus Friday for Spring Break. I ended up sending my audio in emails throughout the day. Some others had to leave so some of us had separate audio we had to add the show. We all added our audio and some added noises for the background. The main compiling of everything together was done by Patrick and Amanda in our group. They did awesome work and I helped by adding a few sounds and putting a scene together.
A playlist of some of the things I contributed can be found below.
Note: For the radio show, I added some sounds at the end as well.

Overall, it took a lot of time but it was really fun to make. Everyone in the group worked really hard and they were a really fun to work with. I wish I could have somehow stayed on campus to be able to record with everyone instead of having to record separately in my room. But, in the end, everything was able to mix and produce a final product.

Here is the radio show that my group produced. I hope you enjoy :)

Radio Bumper for Eagles in the Dark

Out of all the content I could produce, my favorite things to make are audio assignments. I like using my voice to spooky background audio. The first on I did for ds106 radio was a lot of fun so, I thought I would create a quick one for Eagles in the Dark. I used a sound from freesound.org and mixed it with audio of my voice. I wanted to introduce it without giving away things or adding something that might not fit later in our radio progress, so I just said welcome to the show.

Here is the audio.

Sounds Used:
Own Voice
Delayed Guitar Riff

Radio Progress- Eagles in the Dark

At the beginning of the week, I was really nervous about getting a group. I tweet a lot and by Tuesday, I found someone to create a pair with. We got more people and ended up in a group of six. We decided that we would be the Eagles in the Dark and that are concept would be America’s Most Wanted. Four of us met on Saturday and went through ideas for how we would execute this concept. We decided that we would use Lukas Jones’s time travel characteristic and change his story a bit. He would be in the future, looking at an old most wanted poster about a body that wasn’t found. He would then travel in time and solve the crime. He has a friend that is a hacker. This character is Nicolette. She would help when he tries to solve the crime. The radio show would involve a murder at the beginning and everyone’s characters interacting in an exciting noir story.

I had a lot of fun talking with my group members. We all came up with good ideas that bounced on one another. We recorded some of the audio to go back on and I’ll post that below. I’m really excited to work with this group because the concept is really interesting and it seems really fun. We are planning to met on Wednesday and another day to go through other parts of the show. So far, we have all of the story down, we just have to create it.

The audio from Amanda’s SoundCloud.