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Navigating Audacity

Out of all of the editing we have been doing this semester, I feel the most comfortable with audio editing, so I wanted to explain some basic parts of Audacity for beginners.

The first thing that’s necessary in editing sound in Audacity is importing sounds to edit. Go to file and then to “Import” and you have the option to “Audio”. After you finish a sound, you can also choose to save it within Audacity. To do this, go under the same tab and find “save project as”. There is also an option to “Export” files after you are finished with your assignment.

When you want to alter sounds and add effects to them, go under the “Effects” and a list of effects will appear such as “Fade out” or Fade in” or “Speed”. It has most common effects for editing sounds.

Directly next to each sound is the panel that enables you to make minor effects to your sounds. The plus and minus lever allows you to make the sound louder or quieter. The one below allows you to move a sound to the left or right side of headphones. If you press on the down arrow at the top of the sound, you will be able to remove the sound, duplicate it and move it up and down Audacity so that you can be able to see it with other sounds.
Two of what I think to be important tools appear here. The “I” looking tool enables you to highlight parts of a sound. Afterwards, the sound part can be cut, copied etc. You can cut any part of the sound that you wish to. The double arrow tool enables you to move sounds across horizontally. You can move the sounds to the beginning, middle or end of your final sound. This makes it easier to mix sounds and create a solid flowing track.

Other important parts are the pause, play, stop etc. buttons. These do as they would normally be believed to do. When you want to hear the sound, you can use these to hear the sounds. However, you can’t edit a sound while you are playing a sound. Above the sounds, you have the timing of the sounds. It adds up all the sounds you import and creates a beginning and stopping point for however long you sounds are. You can cut sounds to make the time smaller or add to make it larger. There is also and arrow with a line through you sounds that you must have reach the end of you sound to begin editing again. You can move it to any part of the sound to hear the part.
These are all basic things that are easy to learn but might be hard if you have to learn for yourself. I hope this helped!

How to change the color of a photo

One of the first times I found my favorite image editor was the time I changed one of my noir safari photos to be orange and blue, so I wanted to show how to do it through that same image editor. Those who have followed my blog probably already know what it is but the image editor I usually use is called fotoflexer.com which is a website for image editing and I like it because it is really easy to navigate.


First the photo needs to be uploaded which can be done when you go to the website. If you wish to upload additional photos then go to the top left hand corner and press the “load another photo” For this tutorial, I will be using this noir cat photo.


Here I want to produce a duo tone, two color effect. I went to the effects tab and there are multiple effects to choose from but this one allows for editing the photo to be two colors. The picture above shows what it would look like when you first press the effect button. The default choices are blue and tan so in order change them you must press the colored fields.


To change the colors, press the arrow in the bottom right corner of each color block. This gives you a bunch of color options to choose from. I wanted to change my cat to be blue and red. After you have chosen your colors, press the apply button and you have changed the colors of the photo.

Here is the final product. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

NOIR not the father

On Thursday, I listened to the NOIR not the father radio show. I liked it a lot. It was a Jerry Springer type of show with a noir mix to it. The students’ characters were fighting about who was the father of a child and one character was very adamant about taking as many tests as she could.

I really like the show. My favorite part was the theme at the beginning and the end of it. It reminded of the few times I watched Jerry Springer. The show was very descriptive in the way the explained what was going on and it felt like I was in the room as an audience member. The placement of the audience sounds in reaction to characters was a good addition to the show but at some points, I thought that the sounds would be better moved a little earlier or later. Some audience reaction sounds seemed a bit off from when the character said things. But, the audience sounds still made the show ten times better. The narration was awesome with the things that were going on and the plot was really creative and different. A critic I found was that some of the acting didn’t sound right with the line and others did really well at acting out a line.

Overall, the radio show was creative and fun with only a few mistakes or problems that I found.

A tweet from the tweet-along

Inspiration 4- Mia and Kelsey

Dirty Mouth? Clean It With a Biscuit?

For this assignment, Kelsey and Mia collaborated. The acting was really well done and they only did it in two takes. The writing was really good. I like how they expanded on their radio story. I was inspired by how well they edited the audio and mixed all the different sounds together. Also, their radio show, NOIR not the father, was really cohesive and I think Mia produced the intro theme which was my favorite part of the show. Overall, they both seem like they spend a lot of time on their work and the end result is awesome!

Inspiration 2- Lesya Melnychenko

The Dangers of Undiagnosed Schizophrenia

I was looking through posts to comment on and I found Lesya’s. She was doing a character collaboration and she was playing another person’s character. Her and her friend’s acting was amazing and the video editing looked like to took a while. The writing was also very typical noir which I liked. It was all very creative and inspirational. It made me want to work harder on my posts.

Inspiration 1- Janelle Pierangelino

Stories Through Song: The Sebastian Crane Modern Music Tag

I like Janelle’s work a lot because everything seems like she spent a lot of time on it. She always seems to think of a different and creative way to approach an assignment. This one was especially good because of the work she put into it. It was originally 2 stars but her work definitely deserved more stars. I liked it because of the flow of the different songs. She always expands on her assignments with short stories or descriptions for her character.

Week 8 Comments

This week we were asked to comment on at least 10 others post like the previous couple of weeks. I looked at recent posts and ones from this week. I found a lot of inspiration in everyone’s posts. I loved seeing the creativity of my fellow students. The assignments looked like they had a lot of work put into them. It was especially funny to look at all the different daily creates for the day we were supposed to make a Groom ransom note. Anyways, here are the posts I commented on.

http://adventuresofm.org/daily-creates/the-grooms-man/#comment-180 http://www.thejota.com/ds106/lena-meyers/#comment-15682 http://mboleis.com/assignments/audio/dirty-mouth-clean-it-with-a-biscuit/#comment-376 http://ds106blog.missmoonstarsun.com/daily-creates/if-jim-groom-were-kidnapped/#comment-137
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Comments- Week 7

This week we were supposed to comment on ten more posts, like last week. I chose some posts from last week as well as daily creates this week. There wasn’t much new things because this week was very radio show heavy, so I thought it would be fun to explore assignments I hadn’t seen yet. Everyone is really creative and it was fun to look at the different ways that people approached an assignment.

List of Comments:



This week we were asked to comment on at least ten posts. I found some posts to comment on. I really like everyone’s content. It was all well done and it was informative to look at others’ content to improve my own. Here is a list of posts I commented on.

http://www.phoenixtakesflight.com/marcus-jacksons-retribution/feel-the-pain-sorrow-elation-and-the-tranquility/ http://brendalevoy.com/my-1940s-character/commercial/ http://delovelyames.com/ds106_assignmentbank/delovely-lyrics-and-the-story-of-zachs-life/
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