Assignment Ideas

I created two assignments for my ideas.

Terrible Crossover Fanfiction- There are some terrible fanfictions out there that make us question our lives and make us laugh out loud. Go to and generate yourself a terrible crossover fanfiction idea with fandoms you are familiar with. It can be as brief or as long as you choose just make is as bad as possible. Be creative and make it hilarious.
3 starts- I made it 3 stars because I thought it would be pretty easy to complete but might take a bit of creativity. It isn’t really hard or really easy so I put it in the middle.

Cinemagraph Dat! – Cinemagraphs have to be some of the coolest gif out there. Take a picture of anything and edit it so that there is one thing within the picture that is moving or take a video and edit it so that there is only one thing moving in the scene. Cinemagraphs are known for their subtle motion so make it as the movement as subtle as possible.
3 star- I made it 3 stars because cinemagraphs can be difficult but they are easier than some of the other assignments we have done in class.

Overall, I wanted to create assignments that I thought were fun and cool uses of digital technology. I like reading fanfiction and the idea of creating a terrible one is a fun concept. I have always enjoyed cinemagraphs for their subtle movement so it would be interesting to see people create their own.

Daily Create Ideas

For my daily create ideas, I wanted to do simple things that had to do with photography because those seemed to be my favorite types of daily creates.

Color Daily Create: There is so much color all around. Take a picture of something that you normally see every day that has many colors.

Food Collage Daily Create: If you had to choose five foods so eat for the rest of your life and you couldn’t eat anything else what foods would you choose? Create a collage of the five foods and post it on Flickr.

Update 1- It’s not just the cats

Hello Everyone. Lukas here. I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a couple weeks. Things have been a bit crazy over here. If you haven’t heard, it started with a black cat. The cat was stuck in a tree, but it was more than just the average cat. It turned into something nasty. It grew long fangs and grew a couple feet. It was a monster. Then Danny, who apparently can shoot fire out of his hands, burned the thing. It all felt like a crazy dream, until there were more incidents. Before we killed the cat/ monster things, people were freaking out about multiple attacks around the city. After we killed the cat, it continued. First, we saw a dog. It looked to be a stray. We got multiple calls about it loudly growling. It had frightened a couple children playing on a local playground. We got there in time to save three of them but the fourth child seemed to be covered in scratches. He was still alive but he was very much in need of a doctor. Amelia grabbed the child as me and Danny went straight into fighting mode. The dog had, of course, turned into a monster. This time, taller than the cat with long fangs and claws. It looked similar to a the large werewolves that you see in movies. I had my gun on me but after a bit of losing the fight, Danny went crazy and burned the dog to ashes. It started to be routine.

Oh yeah. The injured child was brought to Katherine. She had some sort of cream that Aquia Maxius supplied her. She did something to it and it turned green or something. I didn’t really pay attention. I was more concerned with the issue at hand. These crimes were getting more extreme and children were getting hurt. And what ever Danny was dealing with helped but was very suspicious. We asked him multiple times to tell us what was up with his weird and scary ability that he seemed to have no control over. He told us that he had had extreme control over everything but then something happened and everything changed. He can only use his power when he was having extreme emotions. He was able to do burn the animal demons because of the extreme anger he felt. He said he didn’t remember much of his life but he did remember he once had control and now it was completely gone. I was immediately suspicious. He seemed to be hiding something. Had he really forgotten most of his past? He seemed to know Amelia. Everything seemed to be fishy. There was something that they both weren’t telling us. I wanted to press for answers but I felt that learning more about these animal demons was more important and if he ability would help use then I would let him use it. However dangerous that idea would turn out to be.

We all decided we would have a full detective search. We all wanted to find out what had happened. We went around and asked people if they had seen anything. An older homeless man, we talked to in the park, told us that he had seen a tiny squirrel turn into a large beast. He was able to run away but not without large scars down his arms and back. We usually went to the bar on Tuesday night to exchange notes. Katherine and Mark would ask there IT and Doctor friends if they had seen anything. George didn’t ask anyone and Amelia said she would find someone. I went solo. I tend to work better without people following me around. I also didn’t want Amelia breathing down my neck. She was the biggest critic of the way I would to my detective work. I would repeatedly tell her that I had no experience in this. I was a street dweller. I knew how to live on the street but I wasn’t a trained detective. She told me that living on the streets was the best way to train for this job. I rolled my eyes.

Anyways, I went to the bar the Saturday before and found a beautiful woman singing on stage. I couldn’t stop watching her. Her voice was amazing. It was smooth and clear. She had a long red dress on. It didn’t help that she walked to sit next to me and the bar tender as I was asking if he knew anything about these monster animals. I was even more surprised when she chimed in. She told us that she had seen something weirder happen. She was looking out of her apartment window and she saw a naked man in an abandoned ally way. She talked with nervousness. She seemed to be shaken by the incident. Her voice was shaking as she told us that the man then turned into a large wolf. We were both surprised. This was bigger than I thought.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Next update will happen at sometime so I guess look out for it, or don’t. You decide. See, I was nice and gave you choice. I guess it can’t be helped. Time to find out whats going on in this city.

In the Dark- Video Show

My group decided to do the video show for our project for the past two weeks. The first week I did a trailer and we created the script. This week was the filming of the show. The show was really fun to do with some of my radio show group. We started out with a few different concepts but ultimately decided on a concept opposite to the Charlie’s Angels. We called it the Dexter’s Devils. We have three girls and one guys in the groups so we thought it would be cool to have a detective try to get three girls that were committing crimes in his town. The show was a lot of fun and I got to explore my character as a girl and a person that committed a lot of crimes.
We had a couple problems with filming. We did most of it on Friday and Saturday. We film in different places around downtown Fredericksburg for multiple scenes including my death scene. We also filmed around the school. We wore all black and made the video black and white for noir themes. My character was Lukas Jones but for the show we changed it to Lucy Jones. We had some issues getting the video up on Sunday night because of uploading lengths but we were eventually able to get the video up. I was an actor and I did some voice overs for the show. Patrick did a lot of editing for the show and I edited for the jewelry store scene.

Overall, the project got hard at times because of the problems we had with meeting with each other. However, it was
exciting to try acting. I haven’t acted a lot before. If I do, it is usually in audio posts. It as fun working with the group for the last time and I hope they do awesome on a final project if they choose to work together again.


For this week, I was participating in the video project. I didn’t do any of the video assignments so it was fun to see everyone else’s assignments. Here are the links to the people I commented on.″>

Final Unit Choice

Well, I gotta say, it was a fun ride. I tried a lot of new things. I was even a murderer and a lady thief in two different cases. But, I’ve got a good team right here, so I don’t think I’ll be working with any ds106 friends for this final assignment. I’ll work hard and make this the best final ride you’ll ever see. Get excited.

Video Show Progress

4 out of the 6 people in my radio show group including myself decided we wanted to create some sort of video show. We had all sorts of ideas lined up but at the end we found one. We had a lot of interaction on twitter and Google Docs to go over our ideas and meeting times.

We have three girls and one guy in our groups so we thought that this was similar to Charlie’s Angels. We decided to put a spin on the idea. Instead of the characters solving crimes, we would have them doing the crimes. The characters would be the opposite of the Charlie’s Angels. The one guy in our group would be the detective on a mission to capture us and put us in jail. The whole short film would be us causing trouble in the city while the detective tries to find us and take us away or even kill us. Me and another girl in my group both have guy characters. Her character is more on the evil/ thug side but mine is more of an antihero. We decided we would slightly change our characters from girl to guy but still try to keep the personalities the same. We have the script written out and have meeting times set up. One of the scenes involves a bar so we have gotten permission to film in a bar downtown. We have everything mostly set up, we just have to get to filming it. It is going to be very fun and I’m excited.

The trailer I did for the video is surrounding my character’s back story and how she got into crime. I used clips from a few different movie trailers and videos I found on YouTube. I then added a voice over with my own voice.

YouTube Videos Used:

Barely Lethal Trailer
Charlie’s Angels Trailer
New York City Blues Panoramic

Notorious: Video Essay

For the video essay assignment, I decided to watch the movie Notorious by Alfred Hitchcock. For my video essay, I focused on the scene when Grant tells Bergman about the about his plan to have her seduce one of her past acquaintances. I read through Roger Ebert’s How to read a movie. I concentrated my essay on his talk of movement and the meaning behind left/ right, background/ foreground and top/ bottom. I enjoyed reading his article because I had never thought of the placement of characters on the screen having a meaning. It made sense for foreground/ background and top/ bottom but left/ right was a new concept that I hadn’t heard of before. I also looked at a few other videos about cinematic techniques.

First, I looked at the three parts of the Top 20 Cinematic Techniques video series on YouTube. I didn’t know about many of these techniques. I knew about panning, slow motion, and special effects but I had never heard of some of the other names that certain techniques were called. For example, I didn’t know that panning upward was called crane- up. The videos were very informative and I enjoyed seeing the different cinematic techniques of movies I have seen. The second video I saw was called Camera Angles and Techniques. I liked this one because it showed different ways that my group can later approach our video show. It will be a good reference guide when we start shooting for the show. The third and final video I saw was called Star Wars continuity mistakes. I wanted to watch this video because I have always had an interest in Star Wars and I’ve always been interested in the mistakes that people make during shooting. I usually find a lot of mistake videos with animated film and shows rather than live action film so it was cool to see what mistakes big budget films make.

Video Essay
I used the Firefox video downloader to get my video. I have a sound recorder on my computer that I recorded my essay with. I found different points where my audio would fit best and mixed it in with the scene I chose. I was originally very hesitant to finish this assignment because I’m not confident about video making. I found Windows Live Movie Maker on my computer and it ended up being easier than I thought.

Here’s the video.

Dinner Party at Six: Final Reflection

My group’s radio show was played on Thursday this week. Me and two or three of my members were active on twitter during the show so we saw a lot of thoughts about it. I was a part of the Skype call with the Professors and I was nervous at first. I don’t do the best with talking to people up front for the first time but I think I did okay.
It was really awkward for me to listen to our radio show. I can understand when some actors say they don’t like to watch the shows/ films they are in. I could listen to other parts of the show except for the ones I was in.

Looking at the other students’ criticisms, they were very similar to the after thoughts I had when I was listening to it again. A lot of people said we did good on our background sound effects. We worked really hard to ensure that we had good sound effects for almost every moment in the show. There were a lot of sound effects link circulating on our Google doc. I remember one person tweeting about the breaks in our voices. He/ She said that our voices sounded like we were all in separate rooms. This wasn’t untrue as many of us were it different places because of work or Spring Break. There were only about three or four of us that were able to record all at the same time with the same recording device. If I could go back and re-due the radio show, I would rerecord our lines all on the same recording device. And I would maybe go back and try to mix the voice more to eliminate some of the breaks in the voices. Also, many people said that they were confused by some of the plot and the characters of the show. We would probably need to add more lines where we say peoples names. We did it sometimes but not enough for people to understand the radio show completely. And then maybe reread the lines and fix anything that didn’t make sense. Despite the things I think we could do differently, I think we did a good job with the limitations we had.

The show was really fun to make. We had a lot of member that were very creative in their ideas. Everyone was able to add something to the show whether it be good acting, audio editing or awesome ideas. They were also funny and easy to work with. The best thing about the project for me was making sound effects and working with the group. My favorite assignments in this class our audio assignments so it was fun to create murder scenes and add sound effects to the show. And like I’ve said before, the groups was fun and easy to bounce ideas off of to create an awesome show. The hardest thing about the show would be the fact that we were in all different places trying to finish the show. It was hard to give our sounds to everyone and mix them together but we managed to do it the best we could.

Advice to other students would be to start the week going over every possible time everyone can work together. It’s best to get things done as quick as early as possible to make the creative process easier for everyone. Finding out when everyone can meet is a good way to ensure that everyone is together at the same time.

Overall, the radio show was really fun to make and liked my groups a lot. We had some problems that we would have fixed if we had more time but we managed to do the best we could with what we had. I’m happy to work with some of this group again for the video show.

Thoughts on the Noir Buzz

On Thursday night, I listen in on the radio show, the Noir Buzz. The basis of the show was an interview with an actress about a film she is in. There is a mix between interviews with her and scenes from what I thought was supposed to be the movie she was in.

The show was done by two people after a couple of their members didn’t show up. I thought they did a really good job for not having a lot of people to work on it. I liked the idea a lot. They were able to elaborate on their characters in a creative way. My favorite parts had to be the parts of the film because they were really well edited. I believe one of the group members said they got it from different movies which I thought was really cool. A had a lot of different content to work with and everything flowed together.

Even though the project was very good, there were some parts I was confused about. At different points in to show a character says “Welcome back, you sexy bitch”. They didn’t elaborate on this so I wanted to know if this had anything to do with a character or with the film. Also, it took me a little bit to realize that the random film audio was part of the film she was in. I thought that maybe it was some sort of other story going on. It might have been cool to have a clearer scene that talks about how these points are part of the film she is in.

Overall, the two people made an awesome radio show for just having two people. All the audio mixed really well and I like how they took from different noir films for their show.

Here’s one of my tweet from the tweet- along.