How to change the color of a photo

One of the first times I found my favorite image editor was the time I changed one of my noir safari photos to be orange and blue, so I wanted to show how to do it through that same image editor. Those who have followed my blog probably already know what it is but the image editor I usually use is called which is a website for image editing and I like it because it is really easy to navigate.


First the photo needs to be uploaded which can be done when you go to the website. If you wish to upload additional photos then go to the top left hand corner and press the “load another photo” For this tutorial, I will be using this noir cat photo.


Here I want to produce a duo tone, two color effect. I went to the effects tab and there are multiple effects to choose from but this one allows for editing the photo to be two colors. The picture above shows what it would look like when you first press the effect button. The default choices are blue and tan so in order change them you must press the colored fields.


To change the colors, press the arrow in the bottom right corner of each color block. This gives you a bunch of color options to choose from. I wanted to change my cat to be blue and red. After you have chosen your colors, press the apply button and you have changed the colors of the photo.

Here is the final product. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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Daily Create- Rainy Day 2: A poem reading

Yesterday, we were asked to create a poem about the rain and today we were asked to read out the poem. My poem is called Remember to Look for the Umbrellas. The poem is about my tendency to forget to look outside to see people carrying umbrellas. The window in my room is at an angle where I can see Campus walk so it’s the best place to look if people are holding umbrellas so I know it’s raining. Most of the time, I don’t do this though because I’m busy getting ready then I get rained on.

Here’s my poem reading.

Inspiration 3- Spencer Scott

You’re Not Going to Say Anything?

I picked this one because it was my first time looking at his work. I liked this a lot because it was just a daily create and it looked like he put a lot of work into it. For the daily create, people were supposed to create a picture of what the ds106 deep space would look like. What inspired me was that he created an awesome picture but he also talked about his inspirations in the post. There was a lot of work and inspiration he had in creating the simple daily create. I have seen some of his other work and I saw the same amount of work and emotion put into it. So, overall everything I have seen from his was really creative and awesome. I usually find different ways to approach assignments from him and a couple others.

Was It All a Dream?

Butler: Yes, I was the one who did it. Everyone just look past me. No one ever cares. The Lawyer would just pass me by. He never cared. He only wanted my services and nothing more. So, yeah I killed your dear friends. And I don’t feel any remorse at all. They all deserved it.

Lukas shot out of his bed, covered in sweat. Why was he so angry? And why was he killing people he knew? He remembered the past couple weeks with him casing Mack but why did Mack appear in his dream? He saw Rex too. He remembered jailing Rex for murder a month ago. It seemed that every guest in his dream was someone he had met. Nicolette, he hadn’t seem her in a while. She must be angry he hadn’t paid her before he left 2015. Maybe the dream came from the book he had picked up that afternoon. It wouldn’t have caused that dream right? If anything it was an interesting dream. It might be because he’s been so bored for the past couple days. He really needed to find something to do.

I created this as a way to tie in the butler side of Lukas from my radio show with the future detective Lukas. I used a lot of sounds from that I had already used in previous assignments. The assignment was called Spooky Sounds and is 4 points. The first part is Lukas reading a book that entices his dream that can be found here.

Noir Safari

So, I didn’t really know how to do this at the beginning of the week, but I pitched the idea to my friends and they were excited to help me take photos. I took the photos Friday night and almost none were done outside because of how cold it was. I found different places around the campus that had creepy noir vibes and shot some photos.

First, is the venetian blinds photo.


Second, is a distinct shadow of the outline of a character.


This photo was done in the residence hall, Ball. It was in the lobby and I used the stairs to get the angle.


I really like this photo. It’s the same as the one above but shot at a different angle and a shadow of the character on the piano is one of the coolest we did.


Character under a streetlight


I was trying to get an interesting camera angle so I laid on the ground and shot a picture from that angle. Me and my friend noticed that where she was standing the streetlight gave an interesting effect towards her head so we went with it.


character on a bridge


Murder in the basement



Murder by the piano



All of it was really fun to shoot and I’m sad I couldn’t get a shot of the cat that roams around the campus.