Week 13 Summary

Kassia: So this week, I finished my agency project. I had Who is Jack? At the beginning, I already knew what I wanted to do with the project. I thought of my character looking at a bunch of different things and trying to find out who Jack is. I thought of my character going through and beginning to think that Jack as a horrible killer and I created notes from Jack to make Lukas think that Jack was a horrible killer.

In the end, Jack is just a guy that Aquia Maxius got to throw a party as a big test for Lukas. I wanted it to start of noir and detective like with Lukas thinking that everything is going downhill and to end hilariously. I first thought of the scene where Lukas comes up to the ballroom and hears the song below slowly fading in. You can find a audio of it on my agency website. I just thought the idea of hilarious

I tweeted two tweets from my characters perspective about the updates.

Here are the two updates from the agency site:
I’m angry
I’m done

Weekly Summary 12: Finding Jack

This week I started one of the most interesting cases I have had so far. It’s even more important than the cats and their trees. I’m finding Jack. You see the ds106 group gave me a mission to find out who Jack is an I am making pretty good progress. I went to a bar and found some invitations. Seems that Jack could be doing something big. I’m afraid he could be brainwashing people or worse murder. I took the invitations out of the woman’s purse and now have them to keep for myself.

The worst part of all of this is that he is taking my people, but I won’t let him. I even sent out a warning tweet. I’m so proud of myself.

The hashtag I’m using for all Jack stuff is #findingajack because my character is on a mission to find Jack and discover who he is. All my tweets will also have the #noir106 hashtag and not the #ds106 tag.

I have been posting some progress updates on the Aquia Maxius website. It seems that none of my group is going to help me out. It’s
sad to say but I don’t think I can trust them. Things are becoming to strange. I feel like I’m losing them. I have to find Jack so things can start going back to normal. Well not normal, but less weird. At least when we were dealing with the cat case, everyone was almost in the right state of mind. All we had to deal with was murderous animals and a couple of humans. This is some nasty psych crap I wasn’t ready for. I have to know who Jack is.
He has started sending me invitations to whatever he is doing. I’ll keep up with everything and then I will find out who this man really is. I can’t say I’m prepared for anything but I’ve been getting myself ready for nasty things, psych things, murder and everything in between. If this gets serious, I’ll be ready.

Kassia’s Note: I was chosen to do the Jack case and immediately after I watched the video, I had an idea. I sort of started with the ending and worked my way backward. You guys get to see the beginning and I promise that things will get better. I’ll give a hint that things don’t really end on a serious note and more on a hilarious note.

I have two updates on the Aquia Maxius website that I embedded above. At first, I wasn’t aware that I was going to be given an assignment, pretty much because I wasn’t paying much attention. I posted an update about cat in trees. This was going off of one of my posts last week. After I found out about Jack, I wanted to keep the previous update to show people what went on behind the scenes or the other stuff that the agency would deal with.

I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to comment on posts or do daily creates because it didn’t say it in the weekly assignment link. I did one daily create about drawing you interpretation of a famous drawing.

For my final project assignments, I will probably be doing mostly visual and design stuff with the invitations. There will be about nine in total throughout the weeks. I’m going to do another sound assignment for the last update and probably another web assignment. I’m positive I’m doing more design and sound but might change my mind about other types of assignments as I go more into the project.

I created a twitter page for Aquia Maxuis under the handle @aquiamaxius. I posted a couple of tweets using the different character personalities. Overall, I will probably be posting most final project stuff on the Lukas Jones twitter and putting links on the Aquia Maxius twitter.

I have some ideas for creating assignments and will post them in the next couple of days. I just have to narrow down my ideas to just the good ones. Look out for more updates and invitation posts. I hope you like the final update.

Week Eleven

This week was kinda crazy because I broke my computer and had to use my brother’s really slow one. I managed to do okay in the end.

First, I made the agency. I used the group Aquia Maxius and some of the characters I created for the agency.
The link can be found here. I used a subdomain and added all the necessary links plus a few more.

My two daily create were the Umbrella one and Maggie Black birthday card.

I commented on some comments.

My two web assignements were the Hidden Story one and the How it all began one.

I added others such as, the post it notes one, the four icon story and the business card.

This week was hard without a good computer but still fun.

Week 10 Summary- Video Show and More

This week was hectic and involved a lot of fun and stressful things. I did 3 daily creates that involved a lot of drawing and creativity. The first was a picture of batman. It was fun to make but I did have trouble making the bat symbol. The second daily create was to alter a tree. I decided to use a picture of a tree from my freshman year of college. The last daily create was about an encounter with a stranger. I decided to use this opportunity to change over to my characters voice and talk about his experience with a stranger.

One of the assignments this week was to create an interview with your character. I’m a girl and my character is a guy so I went into my bathroom with a lamp and a hoody and filmed in the dark. It was cool to answer questions and let everyone see my character.

I commented on people’s posts this week. I liked seeing all the video assignments people had made. I wasn’t doing the assignments this week because of the video show so it was interesting to see what others were doing.

And finally, I did a the video project. The project was really fun but took a lot of time to get everything together. It was awesome working with some of my radio show group again. My video post can be found here.

For my final unit choice, I will be working alone because of some of my final projects in other classes. The time I have available would decrease and I don’t want to bring down my team because of it. So, I think it would be best for me to finish the final by myself.

Overall, this week was fun. I am still trying to change over to my character’s voice and will begin tweeting soon. I’m not sure if daily creates should be in my character’s voice or every assignments overall. It would be interesting to see how my character would respond to every new thing in ds106.

Week 9: Video Show and More……

This week was a mix of easy and complicated. For this week, we had the choice of completing video assignments or making a video show with groups. Some of my radio show group decided we would make a video show. We met a lot on twitter and Google Docs to discuss ideas and finally picked one. We have most if not all of the script done and a few filming locations picked out already. We just have to meet and film everything together.

Besides the video show project, I listen to our radio show on Thursday and commented on the show directly after mine.
My show was called Dinner Party at Six and it was really fun to make. I was part of the Skype call at the beginning which was interesting and I saw everyone’s opinions about the show on twitter. The rest of my feelings towards the show can be found in my radio show reflection. After reflecting on my own show, I listened to another show. The show I listened to was called the Noir Buzz. The show was really well done for only having to people and they seemed to have a good grasp on audio editing. Here are my full thoughts on the show.

I complete two daily creates for this week. They were a part 1/ part 2 of each other. One involved creating a rainy day poem and the other involved reading that poem aloud.

One of the hardest parts about this week was creating the video essay. I did my essay on the movie Notorious by Alfred Hitchcock. The movie was about a man that was making a women seduce a man because they believed he was a Nazi. We were supposed to read and watch multiple works about cinematic techniques and apply our knowledge to a scene in the movie. I used the scene were Grant is telling Bergman about his plan for her. I explained the cinematic techniques as they related to an article I read.

It was hard to make the video because I didn’t have any experience in editing videos but it was helpful to look at the guide that was on the Week 9 blog post. I used Window Live Movie Maker and then recorded my voice on my computer and mixed the two.

The last thing I did this week was make a trailer for my video show. We decided as a group to each make trailer that centered around our characters. I made mine using clips I found on YouTube and centered it around her back story.

I made the video with Windows Live Movie Maker and then recorded my voice over top of it.

Overall, the week was fun and I liked working with my groups again. Hopefully, the filming will go smoothly next week. I feel more confident about editing videos because of the videos I did this week so hopefully I can help more with my video show.

Note: Here is a link to my characters page on my site.

Week 8 Summary

I had a lot of stuff to do at the beginning of this week. I had a major paper on Monday, and I was turning 21 on Tuesday. Tuesday also involved a Midterm and a class field trip to DC to see a play. Both things were for the same class. Needless to say, it was hard to get work done for the first few days of the week but later in the week I was finally able to start my work. I started with my daily create about my birthday. We were supposed to make a design about an exciting moment of the past week. The second daily create I did was about Groom’s kidnapping. We were supposed to create a ransom note and I used the writing from a group that is involved in my character’s life. The last daily create I did was a “How to Draw” Lazlo’s face from Camp Lazlo. It was something I did as a child and was really fun to go back and do again.

I commented on 10 different posts this week. I got a lot of inspiration with the posts and some of the people are apart of my list of people that inspired me this week.

The people I found inspiration in are as follows.
Janelle Pierangelino
Lesya Melnychenko
Spencer Scott
Mia and Kelsey

I did a lot of assignments this week. Some had to do with my radio show and some had to do with different worlds with my radio show group’s characters. I collaborated with Sharla on the Who Called? post and that was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the assignments. I tried to do a mix of design and audio with a little bit of added writing for explanation.
Four Icon Robbery
Who Called? Lukas and Mack
Dinner Party at Six: Book Cover
Was It All a Dream?

The last post for this week was my opinions of NOIR not the father. I did a tweet- along on Thursday for the show. The show was really well done. The editing was great and the storyline was very creative. I really enjoyed the show.

Overall, I started out this week thinking I wouldn’t be able to get everything done. I’m happy I was able to get most of my work done mid Sunday rather than a little bit before midnight. Everything was really fun to make and everyone’s posts I looked at seemed to be more inspired this week than the last couple of weeks. This week was very inspirational :)

Note: Social Media and Email for Lukas Jones
Twitter: @justjones1990
Gmail: justjones1990@gmail.com

Week 7 Summary: Radio Show and Other Stuff

Even though I didn’t have to do as much stuff as the previous weeks, this week seemed to be more hectic. This week involved a lot of radio show progress and a lot of changes in the show. We started out with a America’s Most Wanted Idea and then went to an easier Clue idea. I liked the second one better and my whole group could agree that it was better and easier to produce. Spring Break and work were two issues that made some of us have to record separately but I think it came together nicely. Here’s a link to my radio show week 1 post.

I did three daily creates
The first daily create I did was the Deep Space one. I drew a picture of the class in space.

The second daily create I did was the Blue and Orange one. This involved taking a picture and making it blue and orange for an action movie poster. I thought it would be cool to use a photo from the noir safari to bring to projects together. I decided the best picture to choose would be the one on the bridge because it seemed to have the most action and mystery in it.

The last daily create I did involved making a random object into a heel. I wanted to do something that others hadn’t done yet so I used a towel.

A continuation of last week assignment was to comment on ten more posts. Since a lot of people didn’t have radio show stuff up yet, I decided to comment on past audio assignments and daily creates. It was interesting seeing how people think differently when creating things.

The last part of the week was getting the radio show done. It took a lot of work and a lot of tweeting. I have never tweeted to much in my life. It was stressful but in the end, it was cool to be able to say we all created this.

Here is the radio show.

Radio Show Week 2 Summary Post

Week 7- Dinner Party at 6 by Eagles in the Dark (A Summary)

Week 6
At the beginning of week 6, I had a hard time finding a group at the beginning of last week but I eventually found a group of about six members. We met on the Saturday of that week and came up with a America’s Most Wanted concept. We included our characters and it was going to be centered around someone committing a crime. There was a lot of plot to the story so my fellow members thought it was best to go a different route.
Here is tweet of all my members

Background: Week 7
We were able to meet on Wednesday, this week. Some of the other members found that it was easier to meet in the morning. I came to meet them later because of classes that I had. They showed me that they had changed the story. We were doing a Clue based story. Everyone would appear at the Lawyer’s house for a dinner party and scary deaths would issue. I was perfectly fine with this idea because although the other was fun, I felt that this was would be easier to execute. In this one, my character wouldn’t be the same as my dossier but he would be the butler to the mansion. It worked better to change my character a bit to fit the story. I had to record lines for the male character so I decided to make my voice lower. It didn’t work out the best so I decided to just make my voice more smooth. Even though my character is male, I felt that I was able to make his emotions come across. In the radio show, he is the mysterious person in the back that watches the characters and has his secrets.

How We Did It
Most of my members live in Fredericksburg and I live in Northern Virginia. We were going to meet on Saturday to get stuff done but I had to be off campus Friday for Spring Break. I ended up sending my audio in emails throughout the day. Some others had to leave so some of us had separate audio we had to add the show. We all added our audio and some added noises for the background. The main compiling of everything together was done by Patrick and Amanda in our group. They did awesome work and I helped by adding a few sounds and putting a scene together.
A playlist of some of the things I contributed can be found below.
Note: For the radio show, I added some sounds at the end as well.

Overall, it took a lot of time but it was really fun to make. Everyone in the group worked really hard and they were a really fun to work with. I wish I could have somehow stayed on campus to be able to record with everyone instead of having to record separately in my room. But, in the end, everything was able to mix and produce a final product.

Here is the radio show that my group produced. I hope you enjoy :)

Week 6 Summary: More Audio!!!!

This week was way less stressful than last week. Out of everything we have done so far, the audio has to be the easiest for me. I’ve gotten used to working with Audacity and am learning new things as I go. Having a week of audio before was really helpful in some of the stuff I did this week.

First, we were told to do three daily creates. I completed them for Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Daily Create- Sun Stain
Daily Create- Childhood Memory Daily Create- Before and After

We were supposed to do more audio assignments this week. I chose a lot of the assignments I did in the first audio week. This time I took the same prompt and made different content. I tried to do very different things, but a couple times I used the same audio I found on freesound.org.
I did the Emotions through Sound assignment first. It was the easiest to do and I finished it pretty fast. I was very proud of myself.

I did two assignments for my character, Lukas Jones. Both have to do with his firsts. One is his first chase and the other is his first case. The first case assignment was the hardest to deal with because one of the free sounds had a copyrighted track and I didn’t want to waste time on waiting for them to respond, so I went straight into making a new one. I used the same track and took the parts that didn’t involve the song. If I later get a copyright message, I will probably go back and edit in a different sound then edit my post.

Lukas’s First Chase as a Detective Lukas’s First Case

I did the familiar sounds assignment. I recorded the sound of my fan running instead of my dog snoring. My fan running is another sound I hear at night. It’s funny because my fan is the thing that we use to drown out his loud noises, so I wanted to add it this week.

Familiar Sound- Fan

At the beginning of this week, I worried a lot about getting into a group. I found my group members on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it was really fun to talk about ideas when we met on Saturday.

Radio Show Progress

I also did a radio bumper for the show.

The other things I did this week were the tweet- along and commenting.
The radio show was really entertaining and everyone’s content was awesome. Both things were really fun to look at and listen to this week.

Overall, this week had to be the most fun out of all the weeks so far. My groups seems to be going well and the audio assignments are more my forte then anything else I’ve done. It will be really fun to complete everything next week and see the show come together. I also hope that my second assignment for the Spooky Sounds isn’t taken down for copyright. Let us all hope :)

Note: I probably won’t have a list of content at the bottom any more. It gets to be a lot of work at the end, and it’s easier to embed all my content within the post above and add things while writing backgrounds about them. I might have a list of content if there are somethings I miss or don’t write backgrounds about.

Weekly Summary 5

This week was really hectic for me. I had a couple of essays to write during the week and a lot of readings in addition to my digital storytelling work this week. I also ended up going out of town for the weekend. I tried to work on everything as early as possible but it ended up that I didn´t have time to do everything as well as I wanted to during the week. The main element for this week also provided some troubles for me. I have had previous experience making gifs but not very much experience in using Photoshop. I was able to grasp simple things but because of other class work I ended up going to other sites for advice and usage. I was able to complete some things using YouTube tutorials but the rest I completed with online methods and paint.

The first things that I did this week were the daily creates.
I did the creative hands post at the beginning of the week. I used gel pens and created a picture with outlines of my hands.
The second daily create was the Super Hero one. I used a picture from Harry Potter to depict the idea of walking through walls.
The third daily create was to make jewelry out of food. I used Tazo Chai Tea bags and made a bracelet.

I looked at the design elements for the Big Lebowski film. It was very interesting and it was very action packed. The movie felt very disjointed but it was still enjoyable. It was fun to search for noir design elements in the movie because a lot of places contrasted and were dark.

The Design Blitz was also very fun. There are multiple interesting design elements around campus.

The design assignments were fun but they took a lot of work to complete. I would probably spend more time on them if I had more time and could look at more tutorials. All of them are below.

Design Assignments

Pop Culture Gifs
Business Card}
Minimalism Poster
Typography Poster

Other Posts
The Vignelli Canon

Overall, I would have spent more time trying out Photoshop or some other photo editor rather than going to an online one. But, I feel that I was still able to complete assignments well with the other methods. I was also able to finish simple tasks in Photoshop which helped in the long run. There were also a lot of informative readings and videos that I enjoyed viewing and reading. I might look at them for reference later. This week was hectic but I think it turned out okay.