Making Progress- Update 2

If I could tell you one thing, it would be that I seem to be a magnet for weird people and weird things. Mutant cats find me and demand to be pet. I get taken away from a perfectly nice life to do a bunch of strange jobs for I group that
talks through notes and hooded sweatshirts. And now I was going to possibly be searching for a man that could lead me to my own death or worse, I could be brainwashed. Well, I guess you want to know what happened, don’t you.

People have been going missing. Some wouldn’t come back at all and others would come back, but when you asked them about what they had done, they tell you they don’t remember anything. They remember being somewhere before they went away and then nothing. Others wouldn’t even answer the question. We would ask if someone what they were doing at a certain time and they would respond by just walking away. Things were getting weird and I had to know what was going on or I was going to go insane. Then they started talking my people.

First, they got to Daniel. He was perfectly fine one day. Well, if you call always looking guilty and never speaking fine but that just seems to be his character. That day, he was being scarily quiet. He usually would smile or make tiny grunting noises when our group would have meetings but that day there were no small smiles or tiny grunts. There was silence. And whenever, we would ask him what was wrong he would walk away. Next, It was Katherine and Mark. They said they needed to do something on Saturday night. We didn’t ask much but the weird thing was that Daniel had asked to come with them. He said he needed a ride. Those had to be the first words he had uttered in almost a month. And the only words he usually says are to Amelia in tiny whispers. I didn’t want to be suspicious of my coworkers but I couldn’t help it. Things were getting weird and I needed to know what was going on.

I decided to search through their desks. I know it’s an invasion of privacy but it’s not like it’s not for something important. If my coworkers were being brainwashed or on their way to being brutally murdered, I needed to find out why. I searched the desks and found something I didn’t expect. Invitations from Jack. These ones confirmed my suspicion that they were in some way counting down. I saw numbers 8 and 7 in Mark’s desk and 9 and 10 in Katherine’s. Daniel’s desk had nothing but a pencil and a tiny box. Nothing too surprising. The notes had the same creepy smiley face and the same signature as the ones I saw in the screaming woman’s bag. This time the notes seemed to warn of telling no one about what was going on. Did that mean my friends were aware of what was going on? Were they being brainwashed? I put the notes back but not after writing down everything that they had said.

Everything went back to normal for a bit. Well, as normal as it could get. My coworkers were still being strangely secretive and whenever I would get to close to their desks, they would become very nervous. I had to find a way to keep track of the notes they were getting. I was positive that it would lead me to Jack. I waited for one of them to get another note. I would check their desk drawers every night when they were away, in hopes of finding something new but there was nothing. Until one day.

Third Clue

Fourth Clue

I was sitting on my desk writing up a couple past cases and Mark walked in holding mail. “Got a package, man”, I said. He replied, “Oh, it’s nothing for me. It seems to be something for you.” He handed me the package. It was a white envelope. By the looks of it, it couldn’t be holding anything more than a small piece of paper. I opened up the envelope and saw the first invitation. Number 10 was in my hands and so was my ticket to finding out who this Jack really was.
I was ready.

Who is this Jack?: Update 1

After much consideration, my group has decided to stop all other projects to find work with ds106 in finding out who is Jack character really is. We have made great progress.

I wasn’t sure how to approach this project at first. Jack seems to be a character that is hard to find so I thought that if we could get anywhere, we couldn’t find him. He would have to find us. This meant that we would be spending a lot of time at the bar. In the streets, talking to people. We would spread out and cover as much ground as we could and then maybe we would learn something. And we did.

I was in the bar one night alone. Sometimes it’s best to be alone. It clears the head. Also, don’t tell Amelia but there’s a table right behind this big plant. No one can see you if you stand there but you have a perfect view of the bands that play each night. I kinda spend a lot of time just watching this one singer. She’s usually there of Fridays and Saturdays and she’s so pretty. Anyways, I was in the bar on like a Saturday maybe. Some day, I was in the bar and the table. It was all normal until I heard to guys talking. They were whispering to each other. I decided to listen in on the conversation. “I heard Jack is here today”, said the first man. “Really?”, I second man seemed nervous. “Let’s get out of here”, the nervous man said, “I don’t like Jack.” The other man replied with, “I want to see him maybe he can get us…..” Just then I heard a loud scream. It seemed to be coming from a private room near the bathrooms. I ran to see where the noise was coming from. When I finally found where the sound might be coming from, I threw the door open and no one was there. All there was, was a large purse filled with notes. As I opened the bag, I saw that they were invitations. The background was almost blood red and one of the creepiest smiley faces I have ever seen was underneath the writing. Each had a different message and a different number in the left hand corner. At the end of each message, there was a signature. It was signed Jack.

First Clue

Second Clue

All I knew was that I would have to get my hands on more of these invitations before something went horribly wrong.

Update 1- It’s not just the cats

Hello Everyone. Lukas here. I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a couple weeks. Things have been a bit crazy over here. If you haven’t heard, it started with a black cat. The cat was stuck in a tree, but it was more than just the average cat. It turned into something nasty. It grew long fangs and grew a couple feet. It was a monster. Then Danny, who apparently can shoot fire out of his hands, burned the thing. It all felt like a crazy dream, until there were more incidents. Before we killed the cat/ monster things, people were freaking out about multiple attacks around the city. After we killed the cat, it continued. First, we saw a dog. It looked to be a stray. We got multiple calls about it loudly growling. It had frightened a couple children playing on a local playground. We got there in time to save three of them but the fourth child seemed to be covered in scratches. He was still alive but he was very much in need of a doctor. Amelia grabbed the child as me and Danny went straight into fighting mode. The dog had, of course, turned into a monster. This time, taller than the cat with long fangs and claws. It looked similar to a the large werewolves that you see in movies. I had my gun on me but after a bit of losing the fight, Danny went crazy and burned the dog to ashes. It started to be routine.

Oh yeah. The injured child was brought to Katherine. She had some sort of cream that Aquia Maxius supplied her. She did something to it and it turned green or something. I didn’t really pay attention. I was more concerned with the issue at hand. These crimes were getting more extreme and children were getting hurt. And what ever Danny was dealing with helped but was very suspicious. We asked him multiple times to tell us what was up with his weird and scary ability that he seemed to have no control over. He told us that he had had extreme control over everything but then something happened and everything changed. He can only use his power when he was having extreme emotions. He was able to do burn the animal demons because of the extreme anger he felt. He said he didn’t remember much of his life but he did remember he once had control and now it was completely gone. I was immediately suspicious. He seemed to be hiding something. Had he really forgotten most of his past? He seemed to know Amelia. Everything seemed to be fishy. There was something that they both weren’t telling us. I wanted to press for answers but I felt that learning more about these animal demons was more important and if he ability would help use then I would let him use it. However dangerous that idea would turn out to be.

We all decided we would have a full detective search. We all wanted to find out what had happened. We went around and asked people if they had seen anything. An older homeless man, we talked to in the park, told us that he had seen a tiny squirrel turn into a large beast. He was able to run away but not without large scars down his arms and back. We usually went to the bar on Tuesday night to exchange notes. Katherine and Mark would ask there IT and Doctor friends if they had seen anything. George didn’t ask anyone and Amelia said she would find someone. I went solo. I tend to work better without people following me around. I also didn’t want Amelia breathing down my neck. She was the biggest critic of the way I would to my detective work. I would repeatedly tell her that I had no experience in this. I was a street dweller. I knew how to live on the street but I wasn’t a trained detective. She told me that living on the streets was the best way to train for this job. I rolled my eyes.

Anyways, I went to the bar the Saturday before and found a beautiful woman singing on stage. I couldn’t stop watching her. Her voice was amazing. It was smooth and clear. She had a long red dress on. It didn’t help that she walked to sit next to me and the bar tender as I was asking if he knew anything about these monster animals. I was even more surprised when she chimed in. She told us that she had seen something weirder happen. She was looking out of her apartment window and she saw a naked man in an abandoned ally way. She talked with nervousness. She seemed to be shaken by the incident. Her voice was shaking as she told us that the man then turned into a large wolf. We were both surprised. This was bigger than I thought.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Next update will happen at sometime so I guess look out for it, or don’t. You decide. See, I was nice and gave you choice. I guess it can’t be helped. Time to find out whats going on in this city.

Week Eleven

This week was kinda crazy because I broke my computer and had to use my brother’s really slow one. I managed to do okay in the end.

First, I made the agency. I used the group Aquia Maxius and some of the characters I created for the agency.
The link can be found here. I used a subdomain and added all the necessary links plus a few more.

My two daily create were the Umbrella one and Maggie Black birthday card.

I commented on some comments.

My two web assignements were the Hidden Story one and the How it all began one.

I added others such as, the post it notes one, the four icon story and the business card.

This week was hard without a good computer but still fun.

Comments 3

Jones & Callaway

Jones & Callaway

Hello, Lukas here. It’s April 5th, 2015 and I’m here to launch a new company. After everything that happened in the late 40s, I wanted to do something good. I met a guy called Christopher and he seems to know what he is doing. We’re gonna help people. We plan on starting a supernatural protection agency. We are gonna solve crimes and save people instead of doing the other thing. Yeah, it’s gonna be good now. Hopefully.

Kassia Note: Here is the Business Card assignment that is 2 points. I wanted to create a business card that was the opposite to the Aquia Maxius one. This is the group the Lukas and some people he meets create after all the noir events happen in the past.

Cats in Trees

Cats in Trees

You think that when you get a job to save a cat from a tree all you will have to do is get a ladder. It was so much more than that. Probably why they called us and not the fire department. The story goes like this. Amelia came to us for a meeting. Our mission was to save a cat from a tree. The cat was stuck. But, it wasn’t just any cat. The cat was half demon, which meant that he could turn in to a big ugly at any second. There had been rumors around town about weird murders. They bodies looked like they were being clawed to death. So obviously, this was our mission.

It was a Saturday. The ones that came were me, Amelia, George and Daniel. Amelia was certain that Daniel was useful in this and George was the one to make sure we got away safely. We had Mark and Katherine stay back in case things got bad. We approached the park where the cat was. The cat was definitely in a tree. It definitely wasn’t a cat though. It looked like a monster. It had long fangs and it was growling as we cautiously approached it. Daniel looked to be moving his hands in some sort of weird way. Amelia looked nervously at him. George waited in the driver’s side of the car, ready to drive away if we needed it. We had guns and knives at the ready but Daniel seemed to be extending he hands at the creature. Suddenly, the creature charges towards Amelia. Daniel rushed in front of her and extended his hands. What came from his hands shocked me? Fire flew straight from his hands and the creature burned to ashes. Amelia screamed and Daniel fell to the ground. She rushed to Daniel as he lay gasping and muttering,” I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” I guess that answers some questions.

Kassia Note:
Here is the Four Icon Story assignment that is 2 1/2 points.

Post it Notes 2


Here is the web assignments called Post it notes that is 2 points. Since I cleared up some things with all the characters in the story, I wanted to expand on it and do another Post it notes post. Here are some of the things the characters our dealing with currently. I used the paint feature on my computer to simulate post it notes and filled in boxes with different colors. I used different fonts for different characters. The fonts our slightly different than they appear in my original post it note post but characters are still the same.