Week 13 Summary

Kassia: So this week, I finished my agency project. I had Who is Jack? At the beginning, I already knew what I wanted to do with the project. I thought of my character looking at a bunch of different things and trying to find out who Jack is. I thought of my character going through and beginning to think that Jack as a horrible killer and I created notes from Jack to make Lukas think that Jack was a horrible killer.

In the end, Jack is just a guy that Aquia Maxius got to throw a party as a big test for Lukas. I wanted it to start of noir and detective like with Lukas thinking that everything is going downhill and to end hilariously. I first thought of the scene where Lukas comes up to the ballroom and hears the song below slowly fading in. You can find a audio of it on my agency website. I just thought the idea of hilarious

I tweeted two tweets from my characters perspective about the updates.

Here are the two updates from the agency site:
I’m angry
I’m done

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